MetaKongz, ‘Singer Sunmi PFP NFT' Project Underway... In collaboration with Handstudio · Abyss Company

Published : Friday, January 14, 2022, 5:50 pm
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MetaKongz, that had been working with Handstudio and Abyss Company had revealed that the star of their upcoming PFP (Profile Picture) NFT is none other than the singer ‘Sunmi’.

In 2007, Sunmi made her debut as a member of Wonder Girls who was a national girl group through releasing big hit songs such as "Tell Me" and "Nobody." Through her solo activities, she had further established herself as a diva leading the Korean Wave through a series of hits such as "24 hours", "Full Moon," and "Gashina."

The PFP NFT, which will be produced based on Sunmi's IP, is a digital artwork in the form of a profile picture and is a type of NFT that can be used as a profile on social media or in communities. This Sunmi PFP project goes beyond just being a simple image. The project led by Sunmi in the Metaverse is envisioned to follow the concept of membership participation. Even before the launch of the PFP, there had already been a lot of interest and talks of partnerships with gaming companies and a variety of companies.

The company has expanded its PFP area to the entertainment sector through the NFT release of Sunmi, a leading K-pop artist with strong fandom in the global market, including in Korea. The company explained that it will continue to lead the global NFT market by building projects with various industries in the future.

MetaKongz is a leading company in the field of PFP projects, and the participation of Klaytn and Lee Doo-hee, CEO of Roblox's official Korean partner, who personally stepped into the development process is drawing attention. Upon the launch of the MetaKongz project, it was ranked No. 1 on the Klaytn chain, No. 23 globally on the Opensea NFT exchange, and all 10,000 NFTs were sold out during the minting. In addition, it is taking the lead in popularizing related industries by building PFP projects using game IPs and releasing advertisements using PFPs at the New York Times Square.

MetaKongz CEO Lee Kang-min shared "As K-pop artist Sunmi, who owns a global fandom, has become the main character of PFP NFT, a lot of attention will be paid to this project”. He continued “We are already successfully carrying out numerous projects related to PFP, and with the partnership with FSN Handstudio, who has excellent expertise in the field of blockchain and Abyss company, we expect that the upcoming NFTs will be different from the previous ones that had been released.

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