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Published : Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 11:39 am
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On Friday 4 February, Volvo Cars and Northvolt announced their intention to build their next battery factory in Gothenburg, Sweden, a 30 billion kronor project which will bring up to 3000 new jobs to the region.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of Sweden’s foremost technological institutions and is home to many world-leading experts in science and research relating to batteries and electric vehicle technology, with extensive experience of working with international media and commenting on the latest news and breakthroughs. Here are a selection of experts who are available for comment on this exciting new development for Gothenburg, Sweden and the electromobility society of the future.

Patrik Johansson, Professor at the Department of Physics at Chalmers, is a member of several national and international projects to develop the next generation of batteries. He also leads Europe’s largest network for battery research: Alistore European Research Institute.

Aleksandar Matic, Professor at the Department of Physics and Head of the Division of Material Physics is involved in several international projects developing the next generation of batteries.

Anders Nordelöf researches at the Department of Technology Management and Economics at Chalmers, and leads the research area for social electromobility with the Swedish Electromobility Centre, a national competence centre which Chalmers is the host university for. He has also investigated the climate effects of these type of enormous gigafactories that Northvolt is constructing, with the conclusion that these huge-scale projects are indeed much more climate friendly than smaller manufacturing operations.

Christian Ekberg is Professor at the Department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, where he is Head of Division for Nuclear chemistry and industrial materials recycling. He is particularly focused on the importance of battery recycling processes for the transition to an electric future.

Martina Petranikova is Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, with a special focus on industrial materials recycling. She previously worked with Northvolt in Skellefteå to help develop their recycling processes.

Björn Johansson, Professor at the Department of Industrial and Materials Science is project leader for MAXBATT, a forthcoming competence centre for sustainable battery production. He can also discuss the future working environments for battery manufacturing and skills supply.

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