The song ‘ Akuma no Ko’ by Ai Higuchi, is a singer-songwriter gaining world-wide attention, and is becoming a monster hit

Published : Monday, February 21, 2022, 5:49 pm
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The song ‘Akuma no Ko’ by Ai Higuchi, who has gained a great amount of attention inside and outside of Japan, has ranked in many music charts in the world and has become a massive global hit.

‘Akuma no Ko’ is the ending theme song of the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season, Part 2” in Japan and is currently airing. After its release the song gained more than 20 million streams in 30 days.

The song ranked No.1 on Apple Music J-Pop ranking in 106 countries, and also ranked in the Top 10 of 124 countries. And also the song ranked No.1 on iTunes Store J-Pop in 37 countries, and also ranked in the top 10 of 48 countries.

It ranked 3rd on the Spotify viral top 50 in Japan. And it ranked 5th on the global charts on Spotify. The song had taken the world by storm in the world music charts.

The music video of the anime special version has 6 million views in 2weeks after releasing on YouTube.

The non-credit ending theme video of the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season,Part 2” has over 11 million views as well.There are more than forty thousand video postings under ‘Akuma no Ko’ on TikTok. In fact, the number of video posts covering ‘Akuma no Ko’ has been increasing on Facebook and YouTube other than TikTok day by day.

The song has also ranked on the Shazam ranking in 28 countries. The song has gained lots of attention and it is showing the signs of becoming a massive global hit.

Ai Higuchi is a singer-songwriter, born in 89. She was born in Kagawa and grew up in Nagano. She lives and works in Tokyo now. She learned piano when she was two and since then she has enjoyed various forms of music including playing violin, joining the chorus, playing drum and guitar. She started her performance activities mainly as a solo singer by playing piano when she was 18.

Her alto voice is clear on top of her melodious and fast piano playing. Squeezed out of her small body in unity with her piano is her passion, sometimes describing graceful beauty, heart wrenching frustration, or the light in loss.

The world of her lyrics has a unique point of view and she sublimates ordinary everyday life to dramatic short novel stories. Men and women of all ages are attracted to her inspirational voice aside from the great quality of her music. The number of people who are addicted to her songs has been increasing.

Ai Higuchi’s 4th original album “Saiaku Saiai”, after a 2 and a half year hiatus, will be released on the 2nd of March 2022.

This album includes 11 songs all together including ‘Akuma no Ko’. This album also includes the song, ‘Yukari’ which was the ending theme song of TV drama “Ikiru Toka Shinu Toka Chichioya Toka” and was much talked about when it was released digitally in April of 2021.There are also 3 songs which were made with a theme of ‘women at work’. She created these 3 songs, ‘Kanashii Uta ga Aru Riyuu’, ‘Kyori’ and ‘Yamerunara Ima’, in 3 months in a row since September 2021.

The official YouTube channel of Ai Higuchi shows many of her live performances. If you are curious about her after listening to her song ‘Akuma no Ko’, please check her channel and see her live performance videos where she shows her amazing talent as a singer while playing the piano.

Ai Higuchi / Theater (Live at 2021.11.26 at Yomiuriotemachi Hall)

Ai Higuchi / mmm (Live at 2021.11.26 at Yomiuriotemachi Hall)

Ai Higuchi / Yamerunara Ima (Live at 2021.11.26 at Yomiuriotemachi Hall)

[ Ai Higuchi / ‘Akuma no Ko’ (Anime special Ver.) | Ai Higuchi “Akuma no Ko” Anime Special Ver. ]

[ Release information ]
Release date: on Monday January 10,2022
Ai Higuchi
Single release
‘Akuma no Ko’
1.Akuma no Ko
( the ending theme song of the TV anime “Attack on Titan, The Final Season,Part 2”)
2.Massara na Daichi

Release date : on Monday January 24, 2022
Release single for dl only
‘Akuma no Ko’
1.Akuma no Ko
2.Massara na Daichi
3.Akuma no Ko TV Size Ver.
4.Akuma no Ko(Instrumental)
5.Akuma no Ko TV Size Ver.(Instrumental)

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