Ernst Prost appeals for help for Ukraine

Published : Wednesday, March 2, 2022, 8:25 pm
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LIQUI MOLY and outgoing Managing Director Ernst Prost organize aid deliveries to the war zone with the help of business partners around the world

The war in Ukraine will directly impact the German lubricant company. “We can write off our business in Russia,” says outgoing Managing Director Ernst Prost, who, in view of the war, expects to lose around 40 million euros in sales in the current fiscal year and to lose several million euros in payments for outstanding orders. "But that is not the point! There is a war in our neighborhood that no one thought possible. Our free world is under attack. Now, we have to stand together and be supportive of all the measures taken by our international allies," explains Ernst Prost. "We have business partners, customers and friends in Russia and Ukraine. None of them wants war. This unspeakable human suffering is unbearable and we want to help where we can," says the outgoing LIQUI MOLY boss. This is why he, along with his team and business partners around the world, is calling for donations. "We are organizing the delivery of aid supplies to Ukraine. We will use donations to buy surgical dressings, medicines, medical equipment, food and much more that is currently needed," says Ernst Prost, giving details of his initiative. The aid supplies are being procured by the Ernst Prost Foundation People for Peace, Peace for People and Ernst Prost's life partner and foundation manager Kerstin Thiele, who is working around the clock on the project. "Our long-standing business partners from Poland, Ukraine and Russia are assisting with transport. We are taking the aid supplies to where they are needed. Right to the heart of the war zone," Ernst Prost confirms. The outgoing Managing Director, LIQUI MOLY and its business partners want to do their part to alleviate people's suffering. “I hope that the nightmare will end quickly and peacefully,” concludes Ernst Prost.

You can donate to the Ernst Prost Foundation to support this initiative. Every euro will go towards the initiative.

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