Published : Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 11:30 am
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Bluepeak, an innovative internet provider, announced today that it has received franchise approval from the city of Lawton, Okla., to build a high-speed fiber network to meet the growing needs of the community, today and in the future. The approximately $40 million expansion – the largest such investment by Bluepeak in the state of Okla. – will bring Bluepeak service to more than 40,000 residences and businesses in Lawton.

“The city of Lawton has been a steadfast partner in our work to bring a next-generation, fiber-to-the-home network to the community,” said Rich Fish, CEO of Bluepeak. “At Bluepeak, we take pride in being relentlessly for our customers and we can’t wait to show the good people of Lawton what that means for them.”

With Bluepeak’s advanced fiber connection, residential customers can get up to 5 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of symmetrical bandwidth (upload and download) and businesses can get up to 10 Gbps and beyond of symmetrical bandwidth. Bluepeak’s fiber network will provide faster speeds, better connectivity, and the bandwidth to connect more devices for internet, streaming, gaming and more.

“The City of Lawton is thrilled to see industry in Lawton growing with the investment from Bluepeak,” said City Manager Michael Cleghorn. “Access to high-speed internet, such as fiber connection, is vital to the growth of communities. We look forward to the possibilities this kind of access will present Lawton citizens.”

“We are excited to have Bluepeak coming to Lawton to provide high speed internet services,” said Okla. State Rep. Rande Worthen. “One of the goals for the legislature has been to expand high speed internet to all four corners of the state. Just as exciting is, this is being done without the expenditure of any state dollars and solely by private capital.”

“I am looking forward to Bluepeak expanding to Lawton in the near future,” said Okla. State Rep. Daniel Pae, a native of Lawton. “As we have learned during the pandemic, Lawtonians need access to affordable and reliable high-speed broadband, and I believe Bluepeak will help us accomplish this objective.”

Bluepeak has coordinated with the city of Lawton and will begin construction on the new network within the next 90 days. For more information and to receive the latest updates, visit

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