College of the Desert deploys JLM Energy's Foldrz renewable energy solution

Published : Saturday, September 23, 2017, 10:00 am
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College of the Desert today deployed a first-of-its-kind, renewable energy mobile unit made by JLM Energy, a California-based renewable technology company. The school will use Foldrz in sustainability education programs and as a recruiting tool with prospective students.

Countless mechanical and electrical engineering hours went into designing and building Foldrz. Foldrz is fully equipped with the ability to generate, store and distribute power to critical operations, including integration with third-party generators, hydraulic motion controls, and the ability to track the sun. The system is monitored and managed using JLM Energy's innovative cloud-based software, Measurz.

Students will be trained in:

Renewable Technology
Energy Storage
Monitoring Software
Energy Production
Inverter Technology

Jon Caffrey, project director for Prop. 39 Grant/Energize Colleges said, "We are proud to showcase our commitment to sustainability and renewables with this innovative and flexible technology. It'll help our Career Education students immensely to provide them with hands-on training in a real-world environment."

Nathan Newsom, Vice president of sales at JLM Energy said, "College of the Desert is clearly committed to clean power and we are pleased to work with them to provide a venue for students to become aware of the importance of sustainability and explore careers in the field."

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