Fearless Scholarship Offers $5,000 to Study Abroad

Published : Saturday, September 23, 2017, 10:30 am
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The American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS), a world leader in international education and cultural exchange, announced the launch of the Fearless Global Citizen Scholarship for study abroad. The need-based scholarship is worth $5,000 and is available to all eligible college students who study abroad on an AIFS program this spring. The application deadline for the scholarship is October 1.

Despite the worries and challenges in today’s world, a Fearless Global Citizen strives to embark upon meaningful, impactful life experiences through travel and cultural exchange.5 Reasons to Travel Fearlessly

Fearless Global Citizen is a non-partisan, international campaign designed to motivate youth to travel without fear. This effort is in direct response to recent world events; the intent is to combat negativity and highlight the importance of understanding other cultures. The mission is to bring the world together by encouraging international exchange and travel around the globe.

"Despite the worries and challenges in today's world, young people must continue to embark upon meaningful, impactful life experiences through travel and cultural exchange," said William L. Gertz, President & CEO of AIFS and creator of Fearless Global Citizen. "The journey to world peace can only be forged through true international awareness, and this can only be attained by expanding our knowledge of other countries and cultures."

What defines a Fearless Global Citizen? It is an individual who:

Steps outside their comfort zone—leaving behind the familiar, unafraid to travel to learn more about themselves and the world.
Experiences a variety of cultures firsthand—learning about the world, its people and its cultures through travel simply has no substitute.
Explores the world to enhance their career: gaining an international perspective creates a broader understanding and respect of ideas and commerce around the world.
Gains appreciation for the world around them—respecting fellow global citizens begins with the understanding of their lives, culture and values, which results in genuine appreciation.
Embraces diversity—whether it's religion, race, culture or gender, diversity comes in many forms. In order to learn from one another, we must first gain an understanding about one another.
Fearless Global Citizen spotlights individuals from around the world, who have embraced the spirit of international exploration, on its website, The site allows people to share why they decided to explore the world and their experiences and highlights how being a global citizen is vital to a peaceful and diverse world.

Gertz adds, "If I could say anything to a young person struggling with the decision to travel, it would be: This is a pivotal time. It is your time to travel, learn about other cultures and have experiences and relationships that will impact the rest of your life. Don't let this moment pass you by."

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