ARES Modena and HPS launch the new Aero, the second model resulting from the collaboration between the two brands

Published : Friday, May 20, 2022, 7:45 am
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Following on from the successful launch of the Super Leggera E-bike in August 2021, ARES Modena and HPS have revealed the second model from its collaboration.

The Italian coachbuilder and the creators of the world’s lightest e-bike propulsion system, have released details of its latest E-road bike, the Aero, the second exciting model in the range of carbon fibre electric bikes powered by WattAssist Pro technology.

Designed to meet the demands of the new market segment of e-bike enthusiasts, the Aero e-road bike's clean and essential design features fully-integrated cable routing and a frame designed to optimise aerodynamics without sacrificing riding comfort. These stand out qualities are seamlessly combined with the lightest electric powertrain in the world, the WattAssist Pro by HPS, and the typical, meticulous attention to detail of ARES Modena's projects, making the new Aero a unique bike.

Like the Super Leggera, the new ARES Aero by HPS also benefits from the pedal assistance of the WattAssist Pro electric motor, the revolutionary system developed by HPS using technologies and materials directly derived from the world of motorsport and aerospace engineering.

The uniqueness of the WattAssist Pro system lies in the miniaturisation of its components and its placement. The compact and lightweight motor, battery and electronic controls are housed in the frame, allowing the weight to be consolidated near the bottom bracket, lowering the bike's centre of gravity and ultimately delivering an exceptionally well-balanced ride and dynamic handling.

The WattAssist Pro system provides up to 200 watts of assistance, adjustable via the bespoke interface on the Garmin computer. Thanks to an extensive road test programme, the HPS-developed software does not alter the dynamics when the motor is activated, providing feedback similar to that of a traditional high-end road bike.

The central element of the ARES Aero by HPS is the carbon fibre frame developed by ARES technicians in collaboration with the HPS team. The team built on its in-depth experience working with the material when creating its bespoke automotive projects; as a result, the carbon fibre frame offers geometries designed to combine speed performance, extreme aerodynamics and comfort over long distances.

Design features include fully-integrated cable routing and tubes with a polygonal section that improves aerodynamic penetration and mechanical resistance. The handlebars and stem are also new, while the Aero's rear triangle is compact, with shorter and lowered stays to enhance aerodynamics and guarantee unparalleled responsiveness and the performance of the WattAssist Pro drivetrain.

Its livery, a modern and uncompromised style, is a clear reference to the supercars produced by the Modenese atelier. Two colours are available for the frame, both with a matte finish: Frozen White and Gunmetal Grey.

As with every project in the ARES Modena range, the Aero is fully customisable. Clients can request a fully bespoke project based on their needs and preferences. From design to the finishes, including frame size and the choice of the components, ARES and HPS will deliver an entirely tailor-made bike.

The ARES Aero by HPS will be produced in a limited series of 24 units and are available for immediate order at a price of 14.950€.

The Aeros will also be on display and ready to test ride in ARES Studios and experience the WattAssist Pro technology first-hand.

Dany Bahar, co-founder and CEO of ARES Modena, commented on the launch of the new Aero by HPS: "As we had already started on the occasion of the launch of the Super Leggera, the collaboration between ARES Modena and HPS is conceived to offer a complete range of high-end electric bicycles. The new Aero represents the most sporty and modern soul of this range and is dedicated to the most demanding cyclists in terms of performance. I'm sure that enthusiasts will appreciate its unique technology and uncompromised design.”

"We are proud of the result achieved with the new ARES Aero,” added Harry Gibbings, founder and CEO of HPS. "We've had a lot of fun and dedication in combining a modern, extreme design with our WattAssist Pro system's quest for maximum performance on the road, and I believe the final product will be a thrill for everyone who chooses it. Once again, working with the ARES Modena team allowed us to bring our know-how and technology to a field where it could freely combine with unique research on materials and shapes, thus giving life to an absolutely unique bike".

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