SK holdings C&C Pangyo Campus Manufacturing DT PoC Center Opening Ceremony

Published : Monday, October 9, 2017, 6:45 pm
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On August 29, SK holdings C&C held the opening ceremony of 'Manufacturing DT PoC Center' at its Pangyo Campus B and introduced SK C&C's key competencies that will be wholly responsible for PoC (Proof of Concept) of manufacturing industries in domestic and foreign.

DT (Digital Transformation) requires the introduction of a new technology architecture, and introduction verification is essential to the technology and method suitable for the customer situation. Therefore, effectiveness verification through PoC or Pilot process will be required, and SK C&C plans to get DT demand of small and medium-sized enterprises based on the know-how accumulated at the group company level.

Kwon Song, managing director of SK C&C manufacturing industry department, said, "The current manufacturing industry has a competitive edge compared to the outside world, but now it needs to be more intellectualized," And, "Although SK Group's major companies are limited to DT, we will develop capacity that can be improved with customers through this DT center." In addition, he also said, "We expect that SK C&C will be able to grow its capabilities with clients through its center as well as clients. "

▲ Kwon Song, managing director of SK C&C manufacturing industry department

▲ Moon Yong-sik, managing director of SK C&C manufacturing DT promotion

The core technology elements for DT promotion are defined to be integrated after business and value verification through pre-verification. Recently, demand for PoC has increased in medium-sized manufacturers. This is because SK Group's know-how that has accumulated various capabilities in the manufacturing sector is expected to be applied appropriately. Therefore, SK C&C becomes able to open the door to the domestic and foreign medium and small-sized enterprises by combining various types of know-how gained in accordance with the manufacturing business operation of group affiliates in addition to its SI capability as SI assets.

SK C&C is confident that it has the ability to provide DT one-stop services that combine core capabilities of emerging technologies such as cloud infrastructure, accumulated data analysis capability, deep learning and human intelligence. This is the result of securing all DT core technology, experience and know-how accumulated in all industries. By opening this DT PoC center, it has a meaning of making domestic manufacturing players more easily accessible to the switch to the next generation business environment than in the past.

PoC promotion process that is provided to customers starts from the one that is faithful to the predefinition through big data center infrastructure and professional services. Through the service portal, SK C&C will integrate various solutions and focus on the success of DT in the direction of customers' tastes. Through a series of processes in the order of surveying, implementation, and promotion plan establishment, it will lead to multi-level verification and data analysis and utilization for the core business of the customer. At this time, the customer provides analysis topics, business related knowledge, required data, and so on. In response, SK C&C deploys PoC center infrastructure and IT and Big Data analysts at the project.

▲ Before the launch of PoC, a simulation-level verification process is performed to filter out cases where the PoC is unnecessary.

SK C&C provides services on its Cloud Z basis in consideration of system environment and resource changes according to users and PoC themes. It also helps ensuring effective progress by supporting field-specific analysts. Accordingly, various services are provided.

PoC center provides a lab environment in which customers and SK C&C experts can conduct analytical work together. Basically, it will take charge of a single client and it will be a space that is available to 5~6 people. The infrastructure used is provided with a cloud environment that can flexibly respond to customer needs, and a GPU server is also provided to enable deep learning utilization and development of analytical models. Expert service is also an inevitable factor. This will lead to the deployment of experts for each field, the development of a pilot analysis model and the concurrent analysis performance with customers. SK C&C plans to utilize the manpower in the manufacturing DT promotion and the data lab with analytical experts.

Meanwhile, BDA solution-based SaaS services are provided to enable self-analysis of customers. This is in the same line with the progress of service development of QUTA and SKYTALE solutions that have been developed.
What SK C&C's portfolio like the above aims for is clear. If a client performs its own PoCs, problems such as excessive preparation time compared to the execution time and possibility of human error due to the lack of experience could arise. Typical high-cost, low-efficiency structures are commonly occurred. On the other hand, when using the DT PoC center, there is a strong point that immediate PoC performance is possible by utilizing the manpower and the optimized solution to the business. The integration of professional manpower input and specialized solutions is advantageous for achieving a low-cost, high-efficiency structure.

▲ The improvement of product quality verification capability during battery production through DT is demonstrated.

By utilizing DT PoC center, SK C&C expects to minimize resource burden such as cost and time of introducing new technology and to introduce and perform quickly and continuously with experts in each field.

This is attributable to minimizing the cost of introducing new DT technology and securing a success in the short-term. It is competitive in that the solutions for new DT technologies such as AI (Aibril), Cloud (Cloud Z), and Big Data Analysis (SKYTALE) can be put into tests and technology verification without introduction cost. Here, through the pool of experts, physical time and resource consumption required to perform PoC from the discovery of the topic are shortened, as well as minimizing the occurrence of problems.

It is also important to note that it is possible to quickly connect business value verified through PoC to DT task and develop. If PoC is successful, it can rapidly lead to a full-scale DT promotion. The ability accumulated by steadily promoting DT business in various industries for many years contributed to the project. With know-how and knowledge base, DT PoC task will achieve company-wide diffusion and be advantageous in terms of organizational integration and standardization.

In the background that SK C&C's competence is generously put to the client through the center, the infrastructure shared by SK Group in the DT promotion area is firmly established. The PoC capability already verified through SK Group affiliates also suggests a great advantage for clients that use know-how well beyond SK Group affiliates. During the stepping-stone stage for successful DT promotion, proper business performance and success will enhance the success of the project.

▲ Another SK C&C's advantage is that it enables efficient business execution using SKYTALE analysis solution.

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