Embraer establishes an agreement with Toyota to maximize efficiency in its production system

Published : Friday, July 1, 2022, 3:07 pm
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Embraer signed an agreement with Toyota do Brasil in order to embrace Toyota Production System (TPS) principles and concepts in its industrial operations. The initiative aims to eliminate waste, obtain operational efficiency, and increase value generation for stakeholders.

During the first phase of this joint work, a team of TPS specialists from Toyota do Brasil will immerse themselves in Embraer’s daily work to evaluate and suggest improvements for the company’s main manufacturing area at the Ozires Silva Unit, located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo.

“Bringing Toyota to execute this work reinforces Embraer’s commitment to focus on business excellence and sustainable growth,” said Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO of Embraer. “It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and accelerate the usage of the Lean philosophy in the production systems, while strengthening practices already conducted by the Embraer Enterprise Excellence Program, the P3E.”

“TPS is a methodology that can contribute to different scenarios and occasions. More than efficiency and productivity, the TPS can provide solutions that allow industry and other sectors to continuously improve their processes, which is one of Toyota's pillars worldwide. There is still a possibility that we can contribute to the ESG agenda,” said Rafael Chang, President of Toyota do Brasil.

Since 2007, Embraer has followed the Lean philosophy as a business strategy that spreads P3E principles, concepts, and practices. This program is responsible for leading transformations in an integrated way, paving the path for the entire company to make big steps in improving its processes. This system of excellence aims at safety first, quality always, and deliveries on time—all at the best cost.

A reference in the concept of Industry 4.0, Embraer has made immense progress at the forefront of manufacturing technologies with digital, integrated, and low environmental impact factories, with continuous improvement of processes and adaptation of technology for people and operations. From 2022, the company's goal is to grow carbon neutral and, by 2024, ensure that 100% of energy is from renewable sources in Brazilian operations.

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