Harvard Thought Leader Chris Dede Says Creating Climate Advocates Can Only Take Place in Learning by Doing Environments

Published : Friday, July 8, 2022, 6:30 pm
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How can educational systems adapt to empower students to take action on global 21st century issues such as the global climate crisis?

In the new NET ZERO show, Climate Activist Cherry Sung from South Korea explores how a conservative and standardized education system could implement an environmental education that empowers people. Sung interviews Chris Dede of Harvard's Graduate School of Education to discuss his solutions. Dede’s research, which includes infusing technology into large-scale educational improvement initiatives such as climate change curricula, is focused on developing new types of educational systems that prepare learners for the challenges of a 21st century world.

“Students need to feel 2 things,” states Dede. “Relevance that what they are learning actually has meaning in their lives and they need to feel agency. We want people that are advocates for change - that can only take place through environments that are learning by doing environments that teach you how ecosystems are shaped by the world.” Dede notes that while it’s easy to feel a sense of despair about climate change, “it’s not too late - the earth has powerful mechanisms for recovering from things if we give it the opportunity to do that.”

The Protect our Planet Movement in association with Planet Classroom has launched the acclaimed Net Zero video and podcast series in which 24 youth climate activists from the Protect Our Planet (POP) Movement in association with Planet Classroom ask international thought leaders working on the environment the big questions as to how their nations are progressing towards their 2050 Net Zero pledges.

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