Language Training App ELSA Invests Over Half a Million in Airline Training Program

Published : Friday, July 8, 2022, 6:23 pm
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The Google-backed AI English speaking coach, ELSA, has today announced an investment of over $500,000 in resources to combat the lack of language training afforded to airline staff and air traffic control operators. The investment is used for developing content, curriculum, and English training support for the airline industry.

Additionally, ELSA is sponsoring up to 50,000 trial licenses in its global Aviation English program, developed with a top-tier carrier.

Amongst a backdrop of post-COVID training cuts, airlines seeking to retain their customer base can benefit from arming cabin crew and air traffic controllers with high-level English proficiency.

The Aeronautical University’s study on English language and aviation safety found that pilots and air traffic controllers felt that current English language training programs were unsatisfactory.

As airline customer complaints increase by 300%, now more than ever, carriers need to implement effective training methods to allow their employees to communicate with confidence, and keep their customers happy.

A Lorman study found that 76 percent of employees said a company would be more appealing if it offered additional skills training to staff, and retention rates rise 30-50 percent for companies with strong learning cultures. A holistic staff training program not only extends the horizon of opportunity for great customer service, but allows employees to feel more valued.

CEO of ELSA, Vu Van, comments on the program: “English language proficiency is a key asset in an employee’s repertoire, and as the aviation industry rises to its feet, emphasis should be placed on language based training and development to aid airlines’ customer experience.”

“Good communication skills are the lynchpin of excellence in aviation, and the ELSA app offers scalable and easy-to-integrate simulated training solutions, driving increased collaboration between cabin and cockpit crews”

If you are interested in ELSA’s global Aviation English program and would like to know more, please contact

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