Entrepreneurs and StartUp founders call for change of direction for a livable mobility of the future

Published : Monday, August 29, 2022, 10:11 pm
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A mood of optimism at the SHIFT Mobility innovation conference: in addition to the presentation of technological innovations, the focus will be on answers to social challenges related to mobility. The call for personal responsibility is accompanied by the question of whether politics can do more to turn the tide for sustainable mobility. More than 50 international speakers will address topics at the intersection of mobility, sustainability and technology in eight sessions at IFA Berlin on September 1 and 2.

“The continued shift of people living in super metropolitan areas will lead to a complete halt of intra- and inter-city mobility. All ground based mobility solutions are fighting symptoms of this shift, but not the problem. This will lead to collateral damages, such as scarcity of fresh water supply, alongside primary effects such as: congested city centers, increased CO2 levels and reduced accessibility to individual mobility solutions,” says Patrick Nathen, Co-founder and Vice President Product of airtaxi pioneer Lilium: “We need to stop investing in solutions that do not serve the bigger purpose of a shift towards new mobility means. The public, politicians and innovators need to sit together and define bold, new approaches to enable a change.”

Lynn Greenberg, founder and CEO of Pivt has a clear message: “The future of work is the future of mobility. This isn’t just an issue for companies with knowledge workers.” Her startup supports companies to understand human behavior.

“A significant factor in the future of cities and mobility, and arguably less discussed, is the transformation of work. Workforce mobility has traditionally been driven by the organization's needs – opening a new office, needing specific skills in a new area, growing a team, developing leadership via rotational programs, business travel, etc. Now, we are seeing more employees relocate and mobilize on their own, given new flexibility, prioritizing their personal goals over work, and seeking better economic and lifestyle opportunities,” underlines Lynn Greenberg. “At the same time, large portions of our workforce have not recovered emotionally from the isolation experienced during the pandemic. This leaves employers in a difficult position regarding the degree of support, work environment, flexibility, and resources they should provide relative to employee expectations. There is ongoing pressure to support employee experience and retention as employees demand new and enhanced investment in employee-focused solutions.”

The SHIFT Mobility innovation conference brings automotive companies like Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and Mercedes Benz, together with tech giants like AWS and Qualcomm, newcomers like Lilium, Pivt, Lexgo and Autobrains with top researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Toronto, for example, and very young startups.

The eight sessions of the conference will address these topics:

1) IT for good – Mobility today and tomorrow

2) Sustainable Mobility – Who’s in charge?

3) Urban Mobility – How cities move

4) Pushing the limits – New dimensions of mobility

5) Innovations – Empower to move

6) Keeping track – Digitization in logistics

7) Ellectric x SHIFT

8) AI – When Mobility starts thinking?

"The mobility event without limits" - this is the motto of SHIFT Mobility. The conference sees itself as a global platform - a festival of ideas and experiences beyond traditional trade fairs. The event consists of two parts: A two-day B2B congress with high-profile speakers, masterclasses, think tanks and interactive formats, and a six-day "Exhibition & Experience" area - a curated B2B and B2C exhibition where new products and developments are presented live; including test drives and product demonstrations.

In addition, the final of the startup competition "MIND-SHIFTER" will take place; ten startups will pitch live in front of a jury of experts and the audience.

The full program is available online:

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