City Transformer from Tel Aviv wins startup competition

Published : Thursday, September 8, 2022, 5:02 pm
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The "City Transformer" all-electric micro-car CT-1 has convinced the jury and was awarded first place in the startup competition "MIND-SHIFTER". The award honors the best business ideas that combine technology with mobility and sustainability. It is organized by the SHIFT Mobility innovation conference; the pitches of the top 10 applicants took place live at IFA Berlin from September 2 to 6, 2022.

The "City Transformer" micro-car can reduce its track width to one meter at the push of a button and thus adapt to cramped urban spaces, for example when maneuvering and parking. With this concept, "City Transformer" aims to curb urban traffic chaos and create more space on the roads. The vehicle requires significantly fewer resources in production as well as in daily use. "City Transformer" was founded in Tel Aviv. The company's headquarters and research and development are also located there, but the company already has a global footprint.

The other finalists of MIND-SHIFTER 2022 are THEO from Berlin (delivery robots) and VePa - Vertical Parking from Munich (sustainable urban mobility hubs). The following companies have made it to the semifinals: RadSee (4D radar, Israel), ParcelP (energy-efficient parcel logistics, Bremen), DirecTrainSystems (optimized rail logistics, Israel), Second Ride (electric conversion kits for mopeds, Berlin), recyclehero (pick-up service for recyclables, Hamburg), 2roam (innovative bus logistics, Hamburg), Vesputi GmbH (software for public transport integration, Leipzig).

Members of the jury are Dr. Hans Hamer (CEO SHIFT Mobility), Britta Reineke (Founder ellectric), Erinn Loucks (Editor in Chief Dealerscope & connected design), Carsten Heintzsch (advertising legend), Michael Schmidt (UBS) und Nadine Hanfstein (Creative Director ramp).


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