CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy 2022 Holds a Successful Opening

Published : Wednesday, September 28, 2022, 5:10 pm
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The CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy 2022, an educational program of the Busan International Film Festival that has newly returned in partnership with CHANEL, embarks on an 18-day journey with emerging Asian filmmakers beginning September 27 (Tues).

With 20 up-and-coming filmmakers from 14 Asian countries, the CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy kicked off the 18-day program with a celebratory opening event at the 'Felix by STX’ Hotel.

The lively event was attended by the festival director, Huh Moonyung, along with directing mentor Tan Chui Mui and cinematography mentor Um Hye-jung, the two mentors who will lead the CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy 2022. Opening with festival director Huh Moonyung’s welcome speech, the event introduced the faculty members and fellows, provided a production report on the short films that the fellows will produce, and concluded with a group photo shoot.

The Asian Film Academy (AFA), Asia’s leading film education program, supports Asian filmmakers in challenging themselves and furthering their aspirations. In collaboration with CHANEL, a company that has long been dedicated to supporting talented directors in various ways, the CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy will contribute to nurturing the development of Asian talents. This year, there were 407 applicants from 35 different countries, which is the most competitive rate of participation for the Asian Film Academy to date.

Over the course of 18 days, from September 27 (Tues) to October 14 (Fri), the 20 participating fellows will produce two short films under the supervision of professionals from various fields, under the tutelage and leadership of Rithy Panh, the dean of the academy and one of the most iconic filmmakers of the era. They will also participate in diverse and practical educational programs, which include workshops, mentoring programs, and special lectures, and be provided with various networking opportunities. The films completed during the CHANEL X BIFF Asian Film Academy 2022 will be officially screened at Cinema 2 in the Busan Cinema Center on October 13 (Thurs) at 19:00 (KST).

■ The 27th Busan International Film Festival: Oct 5 (Wed) – Oct 14 (Fri)
■ The 17th Asian Contents & Film Market: Oct 8 (Sat) – Oct 11 (Tues)

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