With the theme of "Better Life and Beyond" - Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017 will be held in Shanghai on December 8

Published : Friday, December 8, 2017, 10:00 am
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SHANGHAI, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017, organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Sub-council and the China Chamber of International Commerce Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, and co-organized by Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and World Trade Center Association Shanghai, will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center between December 8 and 10, 2017.

The One Belt, One Road initiative has been receiving positive feedback from over 100 countries and international organizations in the four years since China rolled out the development program in 2013. The initiative has also received recognition worldwide for a focus on "principled" negotiations whereby the execution following the signing of any agreement as a result of those negotiations proves mutually beneficial to all parties concerned, as well as for the open communication and coordination of policy, unimpeded access, free trade, free money movement and open communications between the peoples of the world, all of which are viewpoints advocated by the One Belt, One Road initiative. The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing in May 2017 was when the upcoming China International Import Expo in 2018 was announced, further demonstrating China's determination to continue its global expansion efforts and the opening up of its market to the world.

It is within this context that the Belt & Road Brand Expo 2017 will be held. With the theme of "Better Life and Beyond", the 10,000-square-meter exhibition will bring together over 160 companies from 26 countries and regions, including the host country, China, as well as Australia, Croatia, Cuba, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. Exhibitors from around the world plan to display the best that each can offer in terms of products, technologies and cultural artifacts in the food and beverage, cosmetics and skin care, handicraft, home improvement, jade and jewelry, fashion and accessories, lifestyle, tourism and culture, as well as investment and trade sectors. During the expo, a comprehensive series of concurrent events will be held, including forums and promotion conferences, business matching sessions, performances highlighting the folklore and customs of several of the countries which will have a presence at the event, as well as scenario-based and "hands-on" experience sessions.

The event will feature a number of national pavilions as well as several "corporate pavilions" grouping together mainly China-based exhibitors. Each national pavilion will display products that have become part of the identity of the representative country.

Asia: Iranian companies plan to showcase hand-knitted Persian carpets, some of which were woven as far back as 260 years ago, embodying Persian arts and culture. Exquisite thangkas and woodcarvings, as well as comfortable cashmere scarves will be on display at the Nepal exhibition zone. The Indonesia exhibition zone will focus on Kopi Luwak, commonly known as Civet coffee, while jewelry from Thailand as well as Ceylon black tea and jewelry from Sri Lanka will be featured in their respective national pavilions.  

Oceania: Exhibitors from Australia will cross the ocean to showcase a wide spectrum of products, including the wines offered exclusively to first-class passengers by local airlines and popular chocolates.

Europe: Exhibits will include honey and olive oil from Greece, beer and honey cakes from the Czech Republic, as well as amber and beeswax, known as "living gems", from Poland. The National Dance Association of Croatia will put on performances in the Croatia exhibition zone.

The Americas: Attendees will have an opportunity to taste high-quality coffee and enjoy the aroma of roses from Ecuador as well as cigars from the Dominican Republic that rival the leading Cuban varieties. Visitors can learn how to roll their own cigars starting from bundles of dried, fermented and aged tobacco leaves.

Africa: The Africa exhibition zone will accommodate booths from South Africa and Mauritius. Notably, exhibitors from Mauritius plan to display their specialty rums made from sugarcane, which are known to be the ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of desserts. A training session on how to make cocktails based on the rum will take place within the pavilion. 

Chinese companies will be the main exhibitors in the enterprise pavilions, with product displays from companies in Ordos (Inner Mongolia), Huzhou (Zhejiang Province), Liaoning province, Taiwan and Shanghai being featured. Bright Food Group and its subsidiary Shanghai Tangjiu Group, Shanghai Yimin Commercial Group, Liangyou Group, Bright Dairy & Food and Shanghai Maling Aquarius will each have exhibits. The Shanghai Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives plans to team up with the city's time-honored brands to showcase their products. Several of the leading cross-border e-commerce firms and Chinese trade service companies will offer on-site professional consulting services on how to expand into the Chinese market.

The event will provide professional buyers with excellent business matching services and networking opportunities via a series of planned events:

Promotion conference: Exhibitors from various countries plan to showcase specialty products, local culture and history, in addition to new products.

Business negotiations: Pre-exhibition online booking, business matching, one-to-one talks and customized business negotiation scheduling.

Exciting experiences: Presentations given by local experts and participatory events hosted by the various countries, including jewelry displays, wine tastings, AR/VR tours of historic and scenic sites, food tastings and makeup try-ons. 

Exotic performances: appreciate the local folk culture of each of the participating countries through staged cultural performances.

First-hand experiences: get close and personal with high-end products such as Polish, Nepalese thangkas and woodcarvings, Persian carpets and Dominican cigars as well as the distinctive jewelry and fine wines from several of the participating countries.

Becoming a judge at one of several competitions: enhance one's understanding of the Silk Road, enjoy Silk Road-themed photographic works while voting on the best performances and win some fabulous gifts in the process.

The immersive experiences that will be made available at the event, some of which will seem quite exotic, will give the attendee a chance to get a real and authentic sense of the culture, customs and lifestyles that define each of the 26 countries participating in the event.

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