VII Edition of the week of Italian Cuisine in South Korea 14 - 20 November 2022

Published : Sunday, November 13, 2022, 6:15 pm
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In November in Korea we eat Italian. This year as well, we could not miss the celebration in South Korea of the Week of the Italian Cuisine in the World! Created in 2016, as a direct follow-up to Expo 2015 Milan, dedicated to food safety and the themes of healthy and quality nutrition - and organized every year in November to promote and enhance the Italian culinary culture, this year the Week of Italian Cuisine is inspired by the theme "Conviviality, sustainability and innovation: the ingredients of Italian cuisine for people's health and the protection of the planet".

The Week of Italian Cuisine in South Korea saw all the actors of the so-called "Italian System", Embassy of Italy, Italian Cultural Institute, Italian Trade Agency, ENIT and Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, committed to organizing numerous events to promote Italian cuisine, Italian culinary culture, ingredients and products of our Peninsula in a country that shares a strong bond with food and tradition with Italy.

Dedicating the week to the theme of conviviality in the aftermath of a period in which this has often been denied to us, due to force majeure, highlights a particular aspect of Italian culinary culture: eating in our tradition goes hand in hand with staying together. The pleasure of meeting is the basis of the many events organized this year to "stay together": tastings, gala dinner, aperitif with concert, the daily coffees in High Street Italia are a tribute to this trait of Italian culture, which unites the Italian to the Korean one. Just to bring Italian and Korean tastes closer together, a fusion aperitif will also be offered daily: combinations of Korean food and Italian wine that will allow you to discover new flavors.

Not least, there are the themes of sustainability and innovation, also developed thanks to the presence of prestigious guests: the starred Chef Domingo Schingaro will be the ambassador of Italian cuisine, who has made the respect for seasonality and biodiversity the central point of his preparations. The protagonist of cooking classes and cooking show will instead be the Chef and TV star Fabrizio Ferrari. During the events also the cheese expert Woo Je Ha and the slow food and Mediterranean diet expert Lee Soo Yeon will intervene. Finally, for the first time, an online exhibition will be available on “Food Heroes”, beekeepers, fishermen, farmers, shepherds and winemakers who have combined tradition

and innovation to create new winning models in the food and wine sector. For the most passionate, 20 crash courses in English on the identity and history of Italian cuisine prepared by the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

The Week will also see the participation of some Italian restaurants, with menus created especially for the occasion, and the Galleria Gourmet 494 shopping center, which will exhibit Italian products in a dedicated pop-up store.

The Ambassador of Italy, Federico Failla "The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a special moment to deepen the bilateral relations between Italy and South Korea, two countries that share many aspects, including the love for cooking and respect for ancient culinary traditions. I hope that with the events that will be held throughout the week, Korean citizens will be able to savor the taste, quality, and authenticity of Italy. In South Korea, Italian cuisine is very popular, thus leading to an ever-increasing growth in imports of quality products marked by the DOC and DOCG brands, which attest the origin and the very high quality of Italian raw materials and their production"

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