Alcantara S.p.A Press Conference on Entry into Korea

Published : Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 11:14 am
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On the morning of October 27th, Alcantara S.p.A held a press conference at the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The event was organized to announce the official launch of Italian material brand Alcantara S.p.A in the Korean market, and was attended by CEO of Alcantara S.p.A, Andrea Boragno.

Andrea Boragno, CEO of Alcantara S.p.A, said, "Alcantara continues to explore the unlimited possibilities that Alcantara materials and brands have through collaborations with global brands that want constant innovation." Also, "I hope that Korean companies that are leading the global market in various industries from high-tech to modern lifestyle, such as automobiles, tech devices, fashion and interior, will be able to maximize brand value and create new growth engines through Alcantara."

▲ CEO Andrea Boragno said, "I hope that Korean companies will be able to maximize brand value and create new growth engines through Alcantara."

Alcantara S.p.A was founded in 1972 by Italian ENU Group and Toray Group to commercialize the patented Alcantara material invented by Okamoto Miyoshi, a researcher of the Japanese Toray Group in 1970. Alcantara is a silk-like material that only Alcantara S.p.A can produce. It is lightweight and durable.

Especially, it can be processed into various colors and thicknesses through customization, and it has flame retardant, antibacterial and waterproof function. Alcantara has also been introduced as an optimal material for consumers looking for a modern lifestyle because it is easy to clean and use. Because of these advantages, Alcantara is already widely used in various fields with its high usability.

First, because of its luxurious touch and fire-resistant characteristics, it is used as interior materials for automobiles in cars around the world such as Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Lamborghini. In addition to being able to customize as designer wants, also has comfort and practicality, so it is collaborating with fashion brands such as Chanel, Swarovski, and interior companies such as Torre, Renoir Rosé, Leo Lux and Capellini.

In addition, it is used in a variety of applications such as headphones and speakers of Sennheiser and Onkyo and high-end consumer devices like Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, so it is getting good response from consumers. Especially recently, Samsung Electronics has also used Alcantara material in cases of Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8, which are flagship smartphones.

▲ Lamborghini's supercar, which uses Alcantara as its interior material, was on display.

▲ Alcantara is widely used in home interiors.

▲ Samsung Electronics also used Alcantara for the case of its flagship smart phone.

Alcantara has announced plans to expand its presence in Asia's material markets through its entry into Korea. To do this, it plans to increase its application areas by actively seeking cooperation with Korean and Asian companies in various industries in the future. In addition, the company plans to invest more than 300 million euros in 5 years from now to prepare for the expansion of demand.

Alcantara S.p.A, on the other hand, has met the carbon neutrality standard of TÜV SÜD, which is an international certification organization since 2009, based on environmentally friendly mind. In 2011, Alcantara S.p.A went one step further from carbon neutral in the production process, achieving carbon neutrality throughout the entire process of distribution, consumption and disposal.

In this regard, CEO Andrea Boragno said, "Alcantara is a future-oriented, environment-friendly material that has received carbon neutral certification since 2009 as a non-animal raw material. Therefore, we expect that Alcantara will meet the needs of trendy and stickle Korean consumers who are interested in environmental protection."

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