Internet Social Networking Reformer - Qin Yebo, Made His Appearance at New York Times Square

Published : Wednesday, January 10, 2018, 11:28 pm
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NEW YORK, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On the big screen at New York's times square today, a poster of Social Networking Reformer and founder of Xiao-ze Technology - Qin Yebo stands out. It is clear that another Chinese enterprise has landed at the "crossroads of the world" at New York Times Square to show the world the strength and confidence of Chinese enterprises. Xiao-Ze Technology is an Internet firm that expands its business on the foundation of personal data, now is devoted to develop a community product, Bosom Friend, for confidants to share interactive content within their circles. The Core of Xiao-Ze is 2C social business, for bringing various chances to the market based on personal data.

Social Networking Reformer - QIN Yebo
Social Networking Reformer - QIN Yebo

In recent years, the rapid development of Internet technology has influenced innovation and change in various fields of society, and it has also spawned new fields and platforms. Internet social network platform is one of them. In the global Internet development, Internet social network has become a prairie fire; and after nearly a decade of rapid development, Chinese Internet social network has formed a huge social network ecology.

Internet social network not only relies on the external macro environment and massive audience, it also requires promoters who have the courage to reform, explore and innovate. Qin Yebo is one of those who promote change, innovation and development in this field. Everyone who knows him calls him a reformer in the field of Internet social networking.

Unlike ordinary social platforms, Mr. Qin Yebo aims to create a social system that focuses on "social value" that "brings people closer together". Surmounting the traditional sense of innovation is no less than pioneering a new path. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly extremely risky and challenging, but to succeed, you must learn to face the challenge and enjoy the challenge. In this sense, Mr. Qin Yebo has been, as the leader, on the road with a group of like-minded dreamers.

"You've gotta do some crazy things in your life, and the most important ones are called dreams!" Founder and CEO of Xiao-ze Technology, Mr. Qin Yebo once said, "in college, I have had a 4000km riding experience from Changsha to Tibet in 42 days. This unusual experience let me understand the power of persistence, and made me realize you should never forget why you start." In the beginning, they faced all kinds of setbacks, then the road gradually cleared out, and today at New York's Times Square, Qin Yebo and his partners, through hardships, after all, see the beautiful scenery of the victory. Experiences enrich life. With the understanding of persistence, Mr. Qin Yebo thinks about that 4000 km ride when encountering numerous setbacks and difficulties, and strives for his dreams with that belief!

In the current situation of global internationalization and informationization, the global youth generation, especially the contemporary college students, as an important component of the pushing power of global development, have unlimited potential. With Premier Li Keqiang calling out for "mass innovation and entrepreneurship," thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs are on their way to realize their dreams.

Today, founder of Xiao-ze Technology, Qin Yebo, took his image to New York Times Square, and announced to the world that there is a company that revolutionizes social networking rising in China! It will be based in China and serve the world!

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