Invited to attend "Geek Night" at CES, HYDATA received "The Most Valuable AI Application" award powered by GeekPark

Published : Friday, January 12, 2018, 11:00 am
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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held at Las Vegas Convention Center in America on January 9th. CES, as the wind vane of global scientific and technological development, attracts a host of practitioners in the field of science and technology every year. Google, Baidu, Tesla and other globally well-known companies in the field of science and technology, as well as such AI subdivision technology upstarts as HYDATA exhibited new products and technologies at this Show, attracting the attention of a large number of tech enthusiasts and media.

"GeekPark Innovation Festival @ CES of Geek Night" was held by GeekPark at Caesar Palace Hotel in Las Vegas concurrently. The event gathered many celebrities in the field of science and technology to unscramble the key nodes in the scientific and technological internet field of the past year and shared the future development trends of the science and technology field predicted by CES.

Xiangyang Shen, executive vice-president of Microsoft; Jianzhong Zhang, vice president of NVIDIA Corporation and general manager of China district; and Sheng Fu, co-founder and CEO of Cheetah Mobile attended this meeting. HYDATA, as a leader in AI application and visual analytics, was invited to attend this grand meeting, obtaining "The Most Valuable AI Application" award powered by GeekPark in the awarding section.

Assistant CEO Lynn (middle) received
Assistant CEO Lynn (middle) received "Most Valuable AI Application Award" on behalf of HYDATA

A private exchange forum for scientific and technological elites at CES dubbed Geek Night was anticipated by the scientific and technological circle in China. The invitation-only interchange was one of the best CEO and CTO gatherings of global scientific and technological innovation enterprises in CES.

With the advent of the era of "artificial intelligence plus," science and technology across the globe are entering an extremely rapid evolutionary stage. Science and technology are gradually developing into the rock-bottom architecture of the entire community. With this new background, utilizing big data and artificial intelligence technology, boosting data efficiency and business decisions, and turning new data technologies into new professional proficiency and professional proficiency into new commercial species have become the keys for all walks of life to survive in the future.

In order to enable users to own the new competence of self-evolution and achieve efficient decision-making in business data, HYDATA centers on big data and artificial intelligence technology, constructing a brand new HYSIGHT. Driven by service design, HYSIGHT transforms valuable software, hardware, data, and algorithms into resources. Through self-help individualized definition, all kinds of capabilities are endowed to users through services which improve the efficiency of completing users' tasks and realizes the value of data decision. Nowadays, HYSIGHT is applied in public security, transportation, and military and civilian functions, as well as in smart cities.

At this CES, HYDATA made a special effort to exhibit the powerful functions of HYSIGHT in helping smart cities and campus security. For instance, in the construction of smart cities, HYSIGHT can organize public data of the whole city comprehensively, provide real-time monitoring of multiple municipal resources and increase emergency response, achieving urban smart management and operation. In terms of transportation, it can integrate the data of various frameworks to shorten flight support preparation time by 33%, cut flight delay rates in half and increase airport resource utilization rates by 28%, thus helping the functioning of smart airports. Most notably, HYSIGHT has made a great technical breakthrough in the field of campus security and protection, which is conducive to addressing all long-standing problems in American campus security.

As is known, HYDATA is a leader in AI application and visual analytics, focusing on utilizing AI and visual analytics technology to endow users with wiser business decision capability through flexible and scientific analysis of data. HYDATA helps users to achieve efficiency promotion and value realization in business scenarios.

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