CellTrust SL2 Selected by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management for New Client-to-Advisor Text Messaging Solution

Published : Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 1:31 pm
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CellTrust Corporation, a global leader in enterprise mobile communications compliance enforcement, confidentiality and security, today announced Merrill Lynch Wealth Management selected CellTrust’s “SL2” for their new Client-to-Advisor text messaging solution.

The latest development in Merrill Lynch Wealth Management’s industry-leading suite of new digital, mobile and social technologies – the CellTrust SL2 texting option will manage, track, and deliver text messaging as part of a rapidly growing range of resources available to the firm’s nearly 15,000 financial advisors. Those enrolled in Merrill’s mobility program will be able to text with clients on both Apple and Android devices and through a web interface, which provides secure access to corporate email, calendar, and contacts from devices linked to their office phone numbers – the only number clients will need in order to text with their advisors. With the CellTrust SL2 for BlackBerry app, all communication is time- and date-stamped, tracked, logged and archived.

“CellTrust is very pleased to have been selected by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management to provide their new Client-to-Advisor text messaging solution,” said Sean Moshir, Chairman and CEO of CellTrust. “Thousands of financial advisors across the globe are now using CellTrust SL2 since its launch in April 2017 and we are now empowering many financial organizations with seamless mobile communications that can be secured, traced and archived to help meet regulatory compliance while enhancing customer service.”

The second generation of CellTrust SecureLine, SL2, launched in April 2017, has been successfully implemented across seventy-eight financial service organizations with tens of thousands of licenses in use around the world. With its unique user-based, multi-device access, real-time analytics and expanded desktop access and user management—SL2 delivers the usability and productivity benefits of BYOD while allowing organizations to manage, trace and archive mobile voice and SMS in support of compliance.

CellTrust partners with a number of leading enterprise mobility management- (EMM) and long-term archiving providers to support an integrated, compliant BYOD solution which enables regulated industries to put communication policies in place and enforce them.

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