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Published : Thursday, February 15, 2018, 11:15 am
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On the morning of November 3, 2017, Facebook held a media briefing session of ‘Platform Meetup from Facebook’ at El Tower in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Hosting a global workshop 'Platform Meetup from Facebook' event to showcase ways to maximize Facebook platform activities for domestic developers and start-ups, Facebook prepared the event for introducing features of the event and major cases by meeting medias with Christine Chia, general manager of APAC Platform Partnership on Facebook, in attendance.

Christine Chia, general manager of APAC Platform Partnership on Facebook, said, “Facebook platform is the best tool for developers and founders to help them successfully reach their business goals and reach global markets. We promise to provide generous support for start-up companies to develop not only Korea but also overseas markets.

▲ Christine Chia said, “We will provide generous support for start-up companies through Facebook platform”

According to the announcement, Facebook continues to provide support and opportunities for various partners such as developers, students, and companies to grow their business using the Facebook platform through ‘Facebook Platform Partnership’. Especially in Asia, including Korea, it establishes various tools for developers and start-ups to grow and focuses on developing programs and products that can support developer communities.

As programs of ‘Facebook Platform Partnership’, ‘FbStart’ and ‘Developer Circles’ are running. First, 'FbStart' is a Facebook global program designed to help early stage startups build and grow their businesses. This program support through 3-step-process; “tools” that provides developers with tools and services they need for free, “support” that provides direct and exclusive mentoring with Facebook’s technical support coordinator who managed the start-up and succeeded as an entrepreneur, and “community” that provides opportunities to be connected with surroundings and co-workers through learning.

Currently, about 6,000 start-ups in more than 130 countries are forming a global community through 'FbStart' program. Also, in Korea, Facebook launched ‘FbStart Seoul’ program in 2015 to support new mobile app start-ups with Facebook’s free development tools and mentoring throughout app planning and production process. ‘Bootstrap’ program for start-up companies and ‘Accelerate’ program for finding development after identifying initial business value are running. Facebook is also providing free services to outstanding companies, which offers Facebook advertisement and PAS advertising credit, product test, recruitment, customer management, video conference and document management.

Next, 'Developer Circles' is a networking and growth program for developer communities, providing a global network of regional developer communities that use discussion forums on Facebook developer tools and services and share knowledge. This program helps them discover a more comprehensive developer community and promotes positive emotions through knowledge sharing, community, and access to information. Also, Facebook aims to empower developers to develop applications that can be used in programs like 'FbStart'.

Each ‘Circle’, which can be applied to anyone who is interested in technology such as students, entrepreneurs, and coding learners, with a member who gets a role of ‘Lead’ takes charge of offline event planning and online community management. Facebook supports community organization and video materials for free to enable developers to share knowledge, and collaborate on a variety of technical topics by using discuss forums

▲ 'FbStart' is designed to help startups at the early stage build and grow their businesses.

The cases of a domestic partner that had successful results on the Facebook platform are also shared. "Wanted," which is a recruitment platform based on acquaintance recommendations, shortened the sign-up and sign-in process and vitalized the platform through Facebook’s sign-in function. In addition, by securing more reliable profiles through interworking Facebook sign-in, more than 1,400 companies are using Wanted, and more than 100 new companies are joining each month.

MangoPlate, a food search and recommendation service platform, was able to keep the new restaurant database up to date and automate the data entry process by applying the Facebook Places API and Facebook sign-in to its services. After introducing the function, 'MangoPlate' was able to acquire 30,000 new restaurants in just two weeks, adding 14 times as many new restaurants to the database.

OP.GG, a game data analysis platform that is used by 27 million gamers around the world, simplifies the process of creating accounts through collaboration with Facebook and grasps gamers’ use pattern through analysis tools, statistics, and insights provided by Facebook.

Retrica, a world-renowned camera app that has been downloaded over 350 million times, introduced Facebook’s authentication tool, ‘Account Kit’, in an effort to attract foreign visitors. In addition to lowering the cost of confirmation text every month, it was able to increase the success rate of signing-up through Facebook by 15% within three months of introduction.

Meanwhile, Facebook will provide in-depth information on platform-based Facebook products such as native mobile apps through ‘Platform Meetup from Facebook’. It also introduces tips on how companies can build meaningful relationships with their customers on the platforms provided by Facebook. Moreover, there was a briefing on key updates from Facebook's annual developer conference, F8, which was held in April.

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