The C2C Platform Launch

Published : Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 6:11 pm
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The C2C platform( is an acronym for crop to consumer, connecting coffee farmers with buyers who want to purchase green coffee beans through on-line. This is the first online market platform that enables you to directly buy green coffee bean around the world.

Currently, coffee roasters are in a complicated high-cost process of finding the green bean and contracting farm directly because the coffee quality changes depending on the climate change and growth environment of the farm which changes every year.

In the case of sellers, coffee farmers who do not engage in direct transactions with large companies has been in trouble to find out where to sell their products at the harvest time and to get paid with fair price deal without losing opportune sales opportunity. If they lose the sales timing, they are forced to hand them over to the exporters at very low price even sacrificing their minimal margin.

Mr. Jason Seo, who has developed this platform, has been in the coffee industry for a long time.

And he has long been contemplating new trading methods that can provide innovative help to both farmers and roasters beyond the traditionally ineffective trades.

The C2C platform enables direct transaction with farmers and roasters through sign up to the site.

And the coffee quality evaluation and communication required for the transaction can be conveniently supported by the C2C platform for purchase. In particular, quality evaluation is to be done by internationally certified quality graders who have license from CQI. So the roasters do not have to do their own quality checks separately they must know before purchasing, and it can save time and money accordingly

And the C2C Platform is able to solve the difficulties of current farmers and roasters with a more reliable approach getting away from the long-established sourcing and purchasing method in the coffee market. The C2C Platform plans to expand its services to enable low-cost transactions.

Mr. Seo Myung Seok who leads the company with young enthusiasm and loyalty, said, "We will continue to improve our services to make coffee trading more convenient and accessible to all customers worldwide. We plan to launch various sales and marketing activities aggressively to get more active transaction on the C2C Platform

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