Chinese wealth management firm Wu Dao Wealth takes the lead with the launch of "Future Leaders Growth Plan"

Published : Friday, March 9, 2018, 10:17 pm
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BEIJING, March 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading Chinese wealth management firm Wu Dao Wealth recently held the Future Leaders Growth Plan launch ceremony and the Teenager Football Promotion Project press conference in Beijing.

Several distinguished guests delivered speeches at the event, including Wu Dao Wealth CEO Mu Kai, former Chinese Football Association vice chairman and former General Administration of Sport of China's Sport Culture Development Center Party Committee secretary Xue Li, and former chief coach of several top European football clubs, Teenager Football Training project director at Beijing Fudina International Sport Culture Co., Ltd. and one of the founders of XuYang Football Jan Olde Riekerink.

Wu Dao Wealth CEO Mu Kai addresses attendees at the event
Wu Dao Wealth CEO Mu Kai addresses attendees at the event

Mr. Mu said at the event that with the roll-out of the "Future Leaders Growth Plan" and the "Teenager Football Promotion Project", the company plans to promote the development of the Chinese teenage football sector in tandem with other leaders with a similar mindset.

Comprehensive innovation in wealth management

The Future Leaders Growth Plan is designed to broaden the mindset of future leaders and enhance their leadership skills by providing teenagers from high net worth families worldwide with quality services that help them grow up with a healthy mindset and outlook as to the possibilities that the world has to offer.

The Teenager Football Promotion Project targets young football players aged between 12 and 17 who are already showing talent in the sport. Candidates will be selected by Wu Dao Wealth during the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The selected teenagers will be given an unprecedented opportunity to meet and interact with 32 national teams involved in the tournament as well as with superstars from the world football community.

The Future Leaders Growth Plan is formally launched
The Future Leaders Growth Plan is formally launched

Wu Dao Wealth, an innovator and leader in Chinese wealth management and a firm that is at the forefront of the transformation that is taking place across the sector, has been committed to providing high net worth individuals in China as well as in other countries and regions worldwide with diversified, personalized one-stop global solutions for asset allocation and wealth management. 

The firm, which has always been notable in the industry for its keen commitment to innovation, believes that an outstanding wealth management provider not only creates value for its customers but is also an advocate for a positive and healthy lifestyle.

As a result, Wu Dao Wealth has done a great deal of meaningful work in leading wealth management. The firm provides customers with professional screening, asset allocation and portfolio management services for various financial investment products in China and abroad from an independent and objective perspective. Customers are also invited to exclusive events where they can meet and interact with like-minded investors. The firm supplies professional wealth management services to philanthropic high-net-worth families and socially responsible institutional customers worldwide.

At the same time, Wu Dao Wealth creates value for social development by advocating a mature and well-thought out approach to wealth management.

Innovation backed by financial strength

The launch of the Future Leaders Growth Plan and the Teenager Football Promotion Project was the result of Wu Dao Wealth's focus on innovation. As the firm's CEO, Mr. Mu said, "This is not only to realize the World Cup dreams of Chinese teenagers, but also to give back to our longtime customers. It reflects Wu Dao Wealth's social responsibility as an industry leader."

Wu Dao Wealth's ability to innovate is backed by its financial and managerial strength. Its experienced management team and robust shareholder lineup has gone a long way in enabling the firm to become a pioneer and leader in the industry.

Founder and chairman Hu Tian Xiang is a top wealth and asset management industry leader in China. He is also the founder of US-listed Jupai.

Founder and CEO Mu Kai, a leader in China's wealth management industry, served as president of top global financial group HSBC and senior regional president of US-based CreditEase.

All members of the company's management team are graduates of top universities in China and abroad. They not only have experience in wealth and asset management, but also are intimately familiar with Chinese and global markets, as they have led or participated in many large investment projects. The sum of this experience lays a solid foundation for Wu Dao Wealth's continued steady development.

Shareholders, each of whom has unique advantages in their field of expertise, collectively provide multi-level support for Wu Dao Wealth's many innovations. This allows the firm to constantly innovate as well as provide wealth management and a quality lifestyle for customers with smart finance services, promoting the stable and healthy development of China's wealth management industry.

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