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Published : Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 10:42 am
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On the morning of December 12th, 2017, Elastic held a press conference at InterContinental Seoul COEX in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The press conference was organized to introduce Elastic's business model and features prior to the regional business conference 'Seoul Elastic{ON}Tour', with Shay Banon, founder and CEO of Elastic, Jeff Yoshimura, Vice President of Global Marketing, and Han Sung-yup, Branch Manager of Elastic Korea.

CEO Shay Banon said, “Elastic aims to provide the most sophisticated analytical tools available in real time, enabling customers to use machine learning and AI capabilities. Elastic's solutions are recognized for its excellent software in a variety of areas including search and logging. We will do our best to help Korean customers achieve their business success through cooperation with Korean partners.”

▲ Elastic held a press conference for its Korean market expansion.

▲ CEO Shay Banon said, “We will do our best to help Korean customers achieve their business success.”

According to the presentation, Elastic is an open source-based real time log analysis and search company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Mountain View, California, USA. It is developing software that can be used in real time on a variety of scales for clients’ search, logging, security and analysis function.

Elastic, launched in 2012, is developing and serving open-source based ‘Elastic Stack’, which is composed of ‘Elasticsearch’, ‘Kibana’, ‘Beats’ and ‘Logstash’, as well as commercial plug-in ‘X-Pack’, ‘Elastic Cloud’ for SaaS.

Among them, 'Elasticsearch' is a distributed system that is a JSON document-based search and analysis engine designed for scalability, stability and simple management. 'Kibana' is a scalable UI tool that can visualize data, and configure and manage all functions of 'Elastic Stack'. 'Beats' is a platform for lightweight collector that transmits data from terminal devices to 'Logstash' and 'Elasticsearch', and 'Log Stash' is a dynamic data collecting pipeline consisting of a scalable plug-in echo system.

'X-Pack' is a commercial plug-in that additionally provides several functions; 'Security', which manages friendly users and monitors malicious users by granting correct access rights to the right people, 'Alerting’, which detects data changes and alerts users in the way they want, 'Monitoring', which shows the cluster status at a glance and runs real-time and historical data analysis, ‘Reporting’, which generates report conveniently by pressing button once and sends report by schedule or event basis, 'Graph', which helps users to find the data stored in Elasticsearch and similar relationships among data, and 'Machine Learning', which helps to identify problems faster, analyze root causes and simplify them by automatically modeling trends and periodicity of Elasticsearch data in real time.

'Elastic Cloud' is a 'Service-type Elasticsearch' that enables users to easily start and expand the latest versions of 'Elastic Stack' and 'X-Pack'. This service allows convenient operation and management of 'Elastic Stack' and 'X-Pack' in either a public cloud or a private cloud.

▲ Elastic is serving 'Elastic Stack' as well as 'X-Pack'.

▲ ‘Elastic Cloud' allows you to easily start and expand 'Elastic Stack' and 'X-Pack'.

These services have accumulated over 150 million downloads to date and 85,000 members are active in the Elastic Community.

Along with this, Elastic has been engaged in marketing and sales activities for each industry group by collaborating with various partners starting from the development community, which has more than 3,700 users in Korea, to advance into the Korean market. In addition, it plans to develop domestic sales strategies, including cloud partners, strategic resellers, and technology partners.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Elastic introduced 'Elastic 6.0', a new version of 'Elastic Stack', 'X-Pack' and 'Elastic Cloud' through 'Seoul Elastic{ON}Tour'.

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