Ziften Announces Membership in Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Published : Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 7:24 pm
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Ziften, a leading provider of all-the-time endpoint visibility and control for client devices, servers, and cloud VMs, today announced its membership in Microsoft’s newly-created Intelligent Security Association forging partnerships to defend against a world of increased threats. Even the best defenses can be breached and security teams must respond more quickly and more aggressively to ensure the safety of their data and systems. Ziften delivers fully integrated threat protection that covers mutual customers’ macOS and Linux endpoints and virtual cloud systems with a foundation of shared intelligence and the power of the cloud to transform monitoring of enterprise systems.

Today’s announcement builds on the November 8 news that Ziften’s Zenith security platform is integrated with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) from Microsoft delivering a cloud-based, “single pane of glass” to detect, view, investigate, and respond to advanced cyber-attacks and breaches on Windows, macOS and Linux-based endpoints.

Customer Benefits

Ziften’s security integration with Windows Defender ATP helps organizations speed detection of attacks and zero-day exploits, uncover the full scope of any breach, and quickly respond to contain attacks and prevent recurrence on Windows, as well as macOS and Linux systems.

Ziften’s membership in the new Microsoft Intelligent Security Association will benefit mutual customers through:

Threat Protection for all Endpoints and the Cloud: The integration delivers advanced endpoint detection and response solutions, and cloud visibility and security solutions for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.

Easy to Integrate Security Solutions: The simple Ziften “2-click” integration with Windows Defender ATP enables customers to detect, view, investigate, and respond to advanced cyber-attacks using only the Windows Defender ATP management console.

Intelligence Sharing to Turn the Tide to Customers’ Advantage: Working within the Intelligent Security Association, Ziften’s integration brings intelligence signals from additional sources to bear, helping customers detect and respond to threats faster.

Putting the Power of the Cloud to Work: The power of the cloud transforms monitoring at scale. The integrated, Azure powered approach means customers can instantaneously search 6 months of rich machine timeline unifying security events from Windows, macOS, and Linux-based systems – both physical and virtual.

“We believe our membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association is a huge win for our mutual customers and prospects,” said Chuck Leaver, CEO of Ziften. “As security vendors, we all recognize the need to cooperate and collaborate to protect our customers and their employees. Kudos to Microsoft for leading this industry effort. The days of siloed endpoint security tools that provide only incomplete, point-in-time data exposing organizations to unacceptable risks and unnecessary costs is ending. Together, we help security teams to address today’s visibility, security and control challenges at the endpoint and in the cloud.”

Andrew Conway, General Manager, Microsoft 365 Security, Microsoft Corp. added, “The Microsoft Intelligent Security Association improves cooperation from leading sources to protect mutual customers. Continued integration and intelligence sharing from Ziften within the context of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph enables customers to more quickly and accurately detect, investigate and respond to attacks across their entire endpoint and cloud base.”

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