Korea Agilent Technologies New Office Building Opening Commemoration Press Conference

Published : Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 9:58 pm
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On February 16 morning, Korea Agilent Technologies corp. held commemoration for opening a new office building, and announced that it opened a new Korea head office building at Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Built on the site where Daum Hannam office building with about 3,630 square meters(39,000 square feet) was placed, a new office building of Korea branch of Agilent Technologies is opened for satisfying Korean government’s policy, which is strategic focusing on life science, health care, medicine, food and environment field. It aims for satisfying Agilent clients’ requirements seeking for extending prospect of science technology and innovation.

Possessing high availability by being placed between representative business districts Kangnam-gu and Jongro-gu, Agilent’s new Korea head office has high-tech analysis laboratory and customer training center with the size of about 50 square meters(540 square feet). Agilent is going to provide a wide range of service aimed at fields having high importance in domestic such as from further medicine, disease research and diagnosis to agriculture, food, environment, and semiconductor.

▲ Korea Agilent Technologies Austin Kim CEO.

CEO of Korea Agilent Technologies, Austin Kim said “There is a high correlation between our company’s goals to seeking for new findings improving the quality of life and country leading innovation in various fields such as life science, application market, and healthcare.

He added “This year, we are aiming for accomplishing innovative results with association technology based on cooperation of domestic research teams, and contributing to Korea’s development and the quality of life.”

Also, “We chose this place for the new head office by consideration that this place could create ideal environment quickly responding to clients’ requirements and promoting teamwork and cooperation.” And “I have great expectation for showing high-tech analysis laboratory and training center to provide better service to clients.”

▲ Main solutions are provided to the best six categories.

Austin said that healthcare product consumer seeking for wise consumption, development of new medicine and seeking innovation, and improvement of the quality of consumer product are the core powers of industry where Agilent currently works as a main center.

To associated global market estimated as the scale of $45 billion, Agilent is providing analysis equipment, consumables, software, and excellent total workflow solution consisted of service to laboratory, and sales at Asia-pacific region sizes up to 33% of total revenue.

In 1984, Agilent had once been in Korea before being separated from Hewlett Packard(HP), and stated German separate entity in 1999. At the end of 2014, an electronic measuring instrument department(Key-sight Technologies) was separated. Korea head office which is newly opened in Hannam-dong by Agilent that has built its position as global leading company in the field of life science, diagnosis, and applied chemistry is demonstrating unwavering will toward domestic market.

▲ Main solutions such as Dako, cross lab, and open lab are playing active parts in industry site.

This year’s main goal that Korea Agilent Technologies set to support domestic clients is mass spectrometry, intensified client training, application support program and etc.

It makes a new office building of integrated Korean branch have control over capital area in Korea. For supporting clients in other places than capital area, it is also managing the branch in Daejeon.

▲ There was a question and answer session after presentation.

After Korea Agilent Technologies Austin Kim’s presentation, question and answer session that branch manager and Lon Justice, a vice president of Agilent Technologies global client experience/business/marketing and management, participate was followed.

Q1. (Acrofan)There are domestic institutes and colleges belonging to international network. Korea is currently researching of international projects such as MERS, which was a great issue in the last year, and Ebola. Introduce us if there is any precedent collaboration with these institutions.

(Austin) We are working on collaboration with global program. Focusing on not only academic, but also collaboration with a leading company in business world. In Korea, as a part of this, there are many researches. Things with the word ‘mix’ behind a related noun are the example of them, and they deal with complicated parts. Also, Korean clients tend to prefer very much high-end, so we have common partnership with a prominent university. We use technologies in lab, and make them be used in diagnosis at the real site.

(Lon Justice) Infra for every country is important in global collaboration program. The product is provided to not only Korea, but also Germany, the US, and Australia, and we are supported to collaborate with local teams and these corporations or directly exchange. Agilent has been invested very early to Asia market, and its joint development is deeply related to not only academic but also clients.

Q2. (Acrofan) Industry of new medicine/solution development around large hospitals and building medicine production equipment led by a large company are on the rise at industrial level. Please introduce growth prospects and any solution from your company which is expected to be mainly provided.

(Austin) In Korea, when I say a large hospital, the best five hospitals are famous. There is a part of clinical research, and we enter the real production after diagnosis here. In this process, if it is possible to support all the work process solutions, it will enter Q/A field. When we check if the sample is safe, we support and provide solutions through hospital’s international partnership.

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