Korea Agilent Technologies Office Building Open House

Published : Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 10:00 pm
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On February 16 morning, Korea Agilent Technologies corp. held commemoration for opening a new office building, and announced that it opened a new Korea head office building at Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

Office building open house event, held in the morning, started with taking Korean traditional ‘gosa(offering a sacrifice to spirits),’ and went along in order of ribbon cutting, partners’ visiting the building and etc.

A new office building of Korea branch of Agilent Technologies is opened for satisfying Korean government’s policy, which is strategic focusing on life science, health care, medicine, food and environment field. It aims for satisfying Agilent clients’ requirements seeking for extending prospect of science technology and innovation. In the building, there are high-tech analysis laboratory and customer training center with the size of about 50 square meters(540 square feet).

Agilent has a plan of providing support to business support of domestic clients and training talented individuals by using main facilities prepared in the new office building. Especially, ‘Agilent University program’ is expected to contribute to the company’s main solutions aimed at business, institutions, students and etc. Facilities for the program are directly connected from the lobby in new office building, so it’s expected to be used in the future.

▲ Korea Agilent Technologies Yong-seung Shin director was in charge of introducing office building.

▲ ‘Agilent University’ is being operated in order to induce recent solutions to be skillful.

▲ There is even cleanroom facility in ‘Agilent University’ facility.

▲ Specimen chamber and supplementary equipment are prepared at the level of site in business world for ‘Agilent University’ facility.

▲ Workstations and monitors operated in connection are equipped with only products of HP.

▲ The office is configured in separated and individual form that space for each employee is divided.

▲ There is also a lounge facility for staffs and visitors.

▲ On the opposite site of the lounge, there is place of education in a form of classroom.

▲ Along the passage of Korea Agilent Technologies office, corporation history, slogans, and mottos are drawn.

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