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Published : Friday, March 17, 2023, 9:00 pm

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, YoYa: Busy Life World has released an exciting new version. Through extensive feedback from our players, the company has remodeled the game's world view and redrawn the world map, including a brand new snowy map to give YoYa World players a fresh gaming experience. Players can now explore the newly expanded YoYa world with unlimited possibilities.

The company is proud of this 3.0 update. This version has completely redrawn the world map, now divided into 9 unique sections, including bustling cities, relaxing resorts, fairytale castles and mysterious snowy worlds. The update also features improved visuals and music, providing an even more immersive experience. The company has been listening to player feedback and constantly optimizing the gaming experience. With this update, you can explore a richer, more detailed world with plenty of surprises. So, come join us and start a new adventure today.

YoYa Busy Life World New Map
YoYa Busy Life World New Map

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Yoya who loved playing dollhouse games, Barbie and Lego. One day, her father saw her happily playing, then he decided to develop an outstanding dollhouse game for her and other children to play with. He gathered a team of excellent game developers and created a special dollhouse life world game. The game was full of creativity, beautiful graphics, and innovative gameplay, with many details added by Yoya's own imagination. It was a game where everyone could come and explore the secrets of the dollhouse. Girls and boys could customize their experience by choosing different characters, furniture, house decorations and more, exploring the world each time more new locations were added. Hearing Yoya and the other kids' laughter filled her father with happiness. He knew that the game he had created would bring endless joy to children all over the world.

YoYa: Busy life world is just this game, you can build characters and create stories about the real life world. This pretend play game features realistic characters and suitable interactive functions to attract both children and parents to experience it together. Family members and babies can have an exhilarating and fun experience playing the game, ranging from character creation to exploring the world and designing houses, such as writing stories about school and hospital, then recording their own videos to post on YouTube Channels.

Not only is YoYa: Busy Life World fun, but it is also highly educational. It provides a virtual playground which can help kids learn new knowledge while also exercising social skills such as communication, association, and role-playing, developing cooperative spirit and creative thinking. It also effectively helps them build correct values and learn new skills. Parents can let their children try independently and safely without worrying about them viewing unsafe content. Similar games are also very popular around the world among children, such as Toca Life World, Miga Town, My PlayHome, Dr. Panda, etc.

Our original intention in making YoYa: busy Life World was to produce high-quality content that children around the world will love, and the laughter and creativity of kids are the most precious. This inspires us to keep our original intention and continuously make better products. Welcome users to give us more valuable opinions on our game, we will listen humbly and do better.

If you want to know more about the latest game information, please visit our official website. If you would like to talk with our development team, you can follow our social media accounts and get in touch with us.

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YoYa: busy Life World is free download on Google Play and Apple Store. We hope to work together with all YoYa creators to make the game better and help more creators produce higher quality content.

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