Radware Held Press Conference on Cloud Scrubbing Seoul Center Opening Announcement

Published : Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 10:17 am
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On December 19, 2017, Radware (Regional director Kim Do-geon) announced that it opened a cloud scrubbing center in Korea from October 2017 to defend against DDoS attacks at a press conference held in Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas.

Kim Do-geon, CEO of Radware Korea, said, "We want to be welcomed by many customers by analyzing domestic customer's requirements and market environment, and will develop flexible and quick service model by taking advantage of cloud service."

He also said, "Radware has become the first vendor to provide a cloud service or build a well-configured scrubbing center in Seoul among a number of vendors seeking such business in Korea. This year and next year will be remembered as years of great change. I will continue doing what I have been doing, but I still expect they will be years with great change."

▲ Radware Korea has established an infrastructure in Korea that enables cyber terror defense such as DDoS without data leakage.

▲ Terence Ying, Vice President of Sales-APAC, introduced about global trends.

▲ Yaniv Hoffman, Chief Vice President of Global Technical, explained about technical backgrounds and achievements.

Through the Cloud Center, which is built by integrating Radware’s technology of DDoS, WAF and ADC, an infrastructure for domestic customers to offer global services of DDoS Protection and Web Application security is established.

The establishment of a cloud center in Korea is the first in the industry that provides DDoS service. Through this, a variety of benefits became available, such as detection and defense against DDoS attacks in Korea, providing excellent Internet communication environment, and resolving compliance due to data transmission.

In addition, Radware will accommodate a variety of networking approaches to provide customized services for enterprise customers, financial institutions and small and medium-sized businesses, and services optimized to environment of companies operating data center or companies that are considering moving or moved to the cloud such as AWS and MS Azure.

Terence Ying, Vice President of Sales-APAC, said, "Asia, including Korea, is a very important market for Radware, and five of the nine cloud scrubbing centers are located in Asia to provide optimal services to customers in the area. We are very pleased to announce our Radware service to Korean business customers through the establishment of a scrubbing center in Korea. We expect to see good results by visiting partners for partnership with our corporate customers who are reviewing services during this visit."

Yaniv Hoffman, Chief Vice President of Global Technical, said, "Radware recommends customers three things. It's important to have a Robust Cloud Security Network. This is because of the obstacles in this area. In order to maintain and strengthen this system, members of the Exceptional Cloud Team must be engaged. Of course, Superior Technology is the base. Radware has all three of these elements and is providing its customers with solutions and services."

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