Avaya Korea Held Press Conference on 2018 Business Vision and Strategy

Published : Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 3:33 pm
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On December 21, 2017, Avaya (Regional director Yang Seung-ha) held a press conference at Avaya Korea headquarter in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, and announced future business vision and strategies to strengthen its position as a leader in next-generation communication solutions.

Yang Seung-ha, CEO of Avaya Korea, gave greetings. "Avaya Korea will continue to provide the latest technologies and solutions, focusing on unified communications, customer experience management and cloud business. Ultimately, we plan to provide customized solutions for a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, public safety and financial services."

▲ Yang Seung-ha, CEO of Avaya Korea, explained about the major changes since last April.

He said, "Avaya's US headquarters has successfully emerged chapter 11 in less than a year with a successful capital restructure and is preparing to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange with a new board of directors and management."

Avaya America stated that its debt is decreased by about $3 billion compared to the start of restructuring and recorded the current balance of $300 million on a balance sheet, as well as improving the annual cash flow of about $300 million compared to fiscal year 2016. In addition, the company is expected to hold approximately 110 million shares when publicly listed.

He also said, “As part of the new initiative, including the transition to chapter 11 closing and publicly traded companies, Avaya will continue to strengthen its leadership in the contact center and unified communications market as a leader in software, services and cloud solutions. We will continue to fulfill our role as a partner to help our clients succeed in digital transformation. Also, we will fulfill our role as a partner to help our clients succeed in realization of digital transformation."

▲ Avaya sets CC and UC areas as core business models and focuses all its capabilities and visions.

▲ Avaya Breeze platform enables communication and collaboration among developers beyond provision of commercial development convenience.

▲ In March 2018, Avaya Korea announced a massive customer event.

At this meeting, Avaya Korea explained that the business communication is gradually evolving. In the future, it is analyzed to be commercialized as an automated channel that allows real-time contextual analysis through AI (Artificial Intelligence) beyond the Omni channel. In line with these trends, Avaya plans to offer a next-generation solution model that integrates customers, agents, experts, as well as channels, analytics, and bots based on open platforms that leverage the latest technologies such as cloud, IoT and AI.

A variety of contact center solutions that help improve operational efficiency and service satisfaction of the contact center are also introduced. Typical examples include bot-based interactive self-service, Smart Routing technology that matches the best agent through big data, agent support function that recommends answers for efficient consultation, QA automation through voice recognition and best practice case analysis techniques.

On the other hand, Avaya has reorganized its platform into three structures under three themes: customer-oriented ecosystem building, human-oriented structure designing, and partner-oriented business execution. As a platform for Avaya customers to manage their itinerary, "Oceana" stood out. It plays a role of encompassing the product side at the endpoint. "Equinox" is a platform that newly advances communication by interworking blockchain and IoT. "Breeze" is a platform with a collection of developable open APIs, SDKs, etc. It plays a role of quickening development and sharing and advancing of technologies developed through its own marketplace.

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