Avalue Announces HID-2138 Medical Panel PC and HID-2100 Touchscreen Monitor Aimed

Published : Wednesday, March 22, 2023, 6:29 pm
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Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and a Titanium member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, endeavors to provide a complete range of smart retail, smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart transportation and embedded solutions. Avalue is announcing the release of two new products specifically designed for the medical and healthcare industries-- the HID-2100, a 21.5-inch touch monitor, and the HID-2138, a 21.5-inch panel PC. These latest products further enrich Avalue's already extensive portfolio of medical panel products.

HID-2138 Medical Panel PC

The HID-2138 features the latest Intel 11th generation Tiger Lake Core processor, making it an ideal choice for a bedside terminal that can hold all the critical patient information. The device also serves as a bedside infotainment center with adjustable volume and brightness, ensuring maximum comfort for patients. Moreover, The HID-2138 can replace the nursing cart by holding all the necessary information in a more organized and efficient manner.

The HID-2138 boasts several key features that make it an excellent choice for healthcare facilities. With its simple data entry mechanism, the device ensures easy and accurate input of patient data. Additionally, the device offers advanced security features such as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and an NFC/RFID module, which ensure secure authorization and management of the system. The HID-2138 is also equipped with a P-Cap multi-touch screen that allows hospital personnel to operate the device while wearing medical gloves, ensuring both convenience and hygiene in clinical settings.

"By upgrading to the Tiger Lake platform, we're able to deliver the high level of performance that's required while keeping power consumption at a minimum," explains Vega Wang, Product Manager at Avalue. "And thanks to its medical-grade certification, the HID-2138 is perfectly suited to handle the day-to-day tasks of healthcare professionals in medical institutions."

Main Features of HID-2138:

21.5" FHD Display with PCAP Multi-Touch
Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake U Core Processor
Complete with USB Type-C connectivity
Front Panel IP65
Fanless Design
Ultra-Slim Design
Optional NFC
Optional Webcam
Optional Handset

HID-2100 Touchscreen Monitor

The HID-2100 touchscreen monitor delivers a professional-grade display option that’s been designed and tested to the IEC60601-1 standards, and is IP65 compliant, making it ideal for various healthcare settings. With a 75Hz refresh rate, a wide viewing angle, and integrated speakers, the HID-2100 delivers exceptional performance and versatility for all your healthcare display needs.

Main Features of HID-2100:

10 points Multi-Touch
Frameless Design
DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs
24V DC Power Output
Front IP-65 Protection
Integrated Speakers
Optional Privacy Screen
Flexible Mounting Options

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