Adriel to Power AdOps Marketing Solution for LG Electronics

Published : Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 11:23 pm

Adriel partners with LG Electronics to successfully manage ad campaigns and boost business efficiency using an AdOps platform.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Adriel, a global ad tech company led by CEO Sophie Eom, has partnered with LG Electronics, a leading electronics company, as its AdOps (Advertising Operations) solution provider. Through this partnership, Adriel has demonstrated that AdOps can be effectively used to run ad campaigns by marketing and data teams of all sizes, from ambitious startups and SMBs to global enterprises.

Adriel is one of the first companies to introduce AdOps as a modern alternative to legacy marketing tools in South Korea, the US, and Europe. AdOps is a BI (Business Intelligence) solution that helps marketers monitor, manage, and analyze advertising data scattered across over 600 channels, including Google, Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Analytics, on a single dashboard.

AdOps automates tedious, manual tasks, such as data collection, processing, and client reporting, centralizes operations in a single place, and visualizes them in real time. By setting up an automated end-to-end ecosystem that brings disparate data sources together, AdOps can effectively reduce redundant tasks while mitigating data errors and delayed insights. It also provides insights to maximize ROI (return on investment) through analyzed data, ensuring successful advertising campaigns.

With Adriel's AdOps solution, LG Electronics can now compare and analyze all advertising data on one dashboard and easily manage ad operations, such as deciding which ads to run and where to allocate budget for maximum ROI.

According to LG Electronics' Sales Headquarters official statement, "We believe AdOps will enable us to run more efficient advertising campaigns as it minimizes the time required to analyze ad data."

"The fact that LG Electronics, a leading company in 'customer-centric management,' has chosen AdOps to understand its customers and the market is an exciting opportunity for Adriel," the company's CEO Sophie Eom said. "We will continue to strengthen our technology and services so that all companies, regardless of their size, workforce, or industry, can successfully market with AdOps."

About Adriel

Founded in 2017, Adriel is a business intelligence software company that empowers modern marketing teams to manage and optimize omnichannel marketing seamlessly. Adriel's no-code AdOps platform integrates with 650+ data sources (advertising platforms, analytics tools, MMPs, and databases) to centralize real-time data, insights, and teams on a single workspace. Request a demo or start reporting for 14 days free here.

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