Surviving Sexual Violence After Returning to Taiwan from New York, She Joins SWAG and is Now Proud of Her Body

Published : Friday, March 31, 2023, 5:12 pm
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TAIPEI, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the largest adult live broadcast platform in Asia, SWAG quickly gained global influence after its launch, attracting numerous sex-positive internet celebrities and amateur performers who have found fame and wealth in SWAG's live broadcasts and short videos. Ting (@senn_tei) finished elementary school in New York before returning to Taiwan but fell victim to sexual violence from her classmates afterward. Despite the trauma, the 25-year-old survivor bravely joined SWAG and proudly declared: "There's nothing shameful about accepting your body as it is."

Ting had been working part-time in other adult platforms and decided to join SWAG after she knew the income was better.
Ting had been working part-time in other adult platforms and decided to join SWAG after she knew the income was better.

According to SWAG, 25-year-old Ting (@senn_tei) has been active on the SWAG platform since late 2022, presenting her splendid body figure and mesmerizing sexy videos. Ting  mentioned that she received sex education from a Western perspective while studying in New York. Despite becoming a victim of sexual assault after returning to Taiwan, she believes that sex is a natural part of the human body and should not be stigmatized or considered something to be ashamed of.

Ting noted that she used to work part-time on other adult platforms. However, after learning about the high-profit sharing and bonuses SWAG offers, as well as the flexibility of the platform's working hours, she decided to join in. Currently, she works for less than 10 hours a week and earns an estimated USD 10,000 from it.

Ting is dedicated to expanding her career, while also interested in finding a boyfriend who shares her values and accepts her part-time work with SWAG. She is eager in exploring opportunities to be professionally cast in adult videos, and operate social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, like how the Japanese AV actresses or European and American erotic internet celebrities do. Through her experiences as a creator, she hopes to raise awareness and advocate for sex education, as well as the prevention of sexual violence within the community.

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