Dr. Martens 2018 SS Collection Showcase

Published : Saturday, May 5, 2018, 10:01 am
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On January 4th, Dr. Martens presented ‘2018 SS Collection’ at Surf’s up in Sinsa-dong, Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Martens, established in England in the 1960s, is a brand that symbolizes the culture of British young people, and it introduced the world's first air cushion walker. It is a global brand with many enthusiasts from all over the world with its sophisticated technology, solidity, and trendy design.

Dr. Martens has unveiled a number of new products that add uniqueness to their DNA through 2018 SS Collection; 'Ice Metallic Collection' with a cool metal feeling, 'Black and White Collection' inspired by 80's new wave style with a card game motif, and 'Wide Heart Collection' with leopard heart detail points.

In particular, this season's new sandal ‘ZEBRULUS’ features a zigzag-shaped rugged flooring pattern and EVA material for a lightweight, comfortable wearing feeling and added to the unique sensibility of Dr. Martens with yellow stitch. ‘JMW Turner Collection’ with Joseph Mallord William Turner, a world-famous romantic landscape painter, and ‘Flight Accessory Collection’, including backpacks and messenger bags that emphasize military feeling to the air force jacket material, were also newly presented and attracted attention.

▲ The original lineup has also been updated with materials and finishes.

▲ Aiming for spring and summer seasons, a large number of sandal line-ups have been released to satisfy both men and women.

▲ 'Made in England' concept, which is emphasized every time in terms of brand identity, also appeared this year.

▲ In addition to shoes, casual products and bags were also released and attracted attention.

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