Nexon Held 'Durango: Wild Lands' Launching Preview Event

Published : Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 10:57 am
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On January 9, 2018, Nexon hosted a 'Durango: Wild Lands' launching preview at the Four Seasons Hotel in Seoul, Jongno-gu.

The event was organized to introduce the features of the new mobile game `Durango: Wild Lands`, which is being prepared for service, and was attended by representatives of Nexon, including Vice President Jung Sang-won, General Manager Noh Jung-hwan and What!Studio Producer Lee Eun-seok.

Jung Sang-won, vice president of Nexon, said, “Durango: Wild Lands, which will be launched in 2018 as Nexon's first self-development, is a hard-earned title prepared with a sense of duty to throw an important meaning to the development direction of the existing mobile games.” Also, he said, “Users will be able to experience new pleasures that will be fun just by collaboration among users and exploration. I would like to ask you a lot of interest in the new adventure of ‘Durango: Wild Lands’.”

▲ ‘Durango: Wild Lands’ launching preview event was held.

▲ Vice President Jung Sang-won said, “I would like to ask you a lot of interest in the new adventure of ‘Durango: Wild Lands’.”

According to the announcement, 'Durango: Wild Lands' is a pioneering open-world role-playing mobile game developed by Nexon's What!Studio. This game deals with a unique story that modern people, including users who have fallen into the era of dinosaurs due to an unidentified accident, start with their bare hands and pioneer wild lands.

As an intention of the game development, Producer Lee Eun-seok from What!Studio said, “We are aiming at playground-like MMORPG, not an amusement park.” Then, he introduced about the play style by saying, “In the amusement park, the rides (contents) created by the developers are arranged, and the visitors merely enjoy along the route. But in ‘Durango: Wild Lands’, we offer a variety of nature, infinite land, animals of the dinosaur world, and playgrounds with a variety of production tools, rather than rides, and users can combine these materials to enjoy limitless possibilities and accumulate their own interesting experience.”

As aforementioned, ‘enjoy limitless possibilities and accumulate their own interesting experience’ is one of the biggest features of ‘Durango: Wild Lands’. Likewise, users can infinitely enjoy the free and in-depth production, construction, cooking, and farming in the game. In-game combat, which is the main content of a regular role-playing game, is not essential for Durango: Wild Lands. It is possible to enjoy only lifestyle contents in the village.

'Durango: Wild Lands' is made up of a vast space that many users can gather together, and there is no instance dungeon to distinguish channels or enjoy just a few. The field where the game is going is composed of infinite islands that lead to the sea road so that users can enjoy the pleasure of making your own land and pioneering.

Since in-game combat is not an essential factor, the user can continue his settled life such as making a favorite place to his own land, building a house, and cultivating a field, and the user also can create a tribe when passer-by becomes a neighbor. As the village grows larger, it often repeats friendship and fights with other tribes.

▲ Producer Lee Eun-seok said, “I will do my best to continue the service for more than 10 years.”

Nexon launches formal service on January 25th through Android OS and iOS. At the time of domestic launch, it will start operating as a single server in Korea, gradually expanding its service area and ultimately plan to launch a single global server service.

In order to provide seamless global service, overseas beta test is ongoing since July last year. Overseas beta testing in 14 countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, recorded about 2.8 million downloads as of January 8th, 2018. The number of unstable islands created during the test period is about 220,000, showing that it is getting high interest.

Meanwhile, the business model of the game presents the convenience, time reduction, and exterior appearance to be a game that can be continued for a long time. The convenience services such as 'Durango: Archive' where the useful information of 'Durango: Wild Lands’ can be easily accessed, and 'Durango Maps', a web viewer that was first introduced in the overseas beta test, are also ongoing.

Producer Lee Eun-seok expressed about the service by saying, “I have been through a lot of research and testing to develop a new game, and finally I am glad to be able to show it to domestic users on January 25th. I will do my best to make 'Durango: Wild Lands' go beyond Asia and be loved all over the world and continue to serve for more than 10 years.”

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