Counter-Strike Online 10th Anniversary Awards Sketch

Published : Thursday, May 17, 2018, 10:27 am
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On the afternoon of January 13, 2018, Nexon hosted the FPS online game ‘Counter-Strike Online 10th Anniversary Awards’ at the Nexon Arena in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

'Counter Strike Online 10th Anniversary Awards' is designed to meet the 10th anniversary of Counter Strike Online service with many people who have played the game. It was held with 300 users through online ticket sales and winners' invitations.

The event was progressed in the order of screening the 10th anniversary history of Counter Strike Online, ‘Counter Strike People Awards’, announcement of winter peak season updates, and user Q&A. It also brought pleasure through two types of special leagues for users, competitions with professional gamers and developers.

In the announcement of the winter peak season updates, NEXON's CSO Development Team Leader Choi Jin-hyeok introduced about new contents of 'Counter Strike Online'.

First, ‘Destruction System’, which can destroy the map with a dedicated weapon in the studio mode, presents a new joy. The system applies the function of destroying maps with a dedicated weapon to various studio-based modes. Outside of the studio, a dedicated weapon 'Rock Breaker' can be also used, and on the contrary, a weapon option that can 'destroy' is added to the existing weapons.

Along with this new mode, Zombie AI mode and Team Deathmatch AI mode are added, and various device blocks such as warehouse block, coin block, and rock-paper-scissors block are updated. In addition, 'Magnum Launcher' was unveiled as a weapon for celebrating ‘Happy New Year of 2018’. The Magnum Launcher is a combination of a shotgun and a missile launcher, inheriting the appearance of Magnum Drill and the function of ‘Barling-11’.

As for the future update direction, an Egyptian 'Stamper Zombie' skin item and a new 'Zombie Scenario Season 7' for presenting a full-scale confrontation with the company CRONOS will be added. In addition, the newly changed ranking competition and the official website are also presented in sequence.

Meanwhile, Nexon carries out social contribution activities in commemoration of 10th anniversary of service. Nexon's new social contribution activities will be conducted in a ‘medical treatment expenses support for dischargers' in consideration of the genre of the game.

▲ Counter Strike Online 10th Anniversary was held.

▲ At the event, a history wall was set up to look back on the history of 'Counter Strike Online'.

▲ The event sent thanks to users through ‘Counter Strike People Awards’.

▲ In the user Q&A time, Yu Hwan-guk, the team leader of the development team 1, answered the question.

▲ Through the special league where users have competitions with professional gamers and developers, the event presented pleasure.

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