Case Mod World Series 2018 Welcomes AMD as Main Sponsor to the Biggest PC Innovation and Design Event

Published : Friday, May 18, 2018, 12:07 pm
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There has been a sharp rise in gamers and DIY builders pushing the performance and customization of PCs to new heights, thanks in large part to modding competitions and manufacturers taking advantage of crowd sourcing to innovate desktop computing design. AMD has now joined Cooler Master and ViewSonic in spurring this phenomenon on as a main sponsor of the Case Mod World Series 2018 (#CMWS18), the biggest annual PC innovation and design event.

PC enthusiasts have revived the art of PC building with their creative take on designing PCs and have inspired many to follow, including manufacturers! The Case Mod World Series 2018 (#CMWS18) continues to grow the interest in desktop computing and to push the boundaries of PC design. The winners of Tower Mods, Scratch Builds and Cooling Solutions category will not only win up to $3000 in cash prize, but will also be invited to join a co-development project. AMD have upped the ante with an additional $3000 cash prize and will be providing Ryzen 7 upgrades for some of the best entries using AMD Ryzen platforms. Similarly, ViewSonic are also encouraging participants to get creative with designing and modifying monitors, with $2000 cash prize for 2 winners in this category.

“We are extremely pleased to have AMD join us to support the modding community and continue to help PCs innovate with crazy ideas.” Raymen Wu, Cooler Master. “We are seeing more projects with AMD Ryzen platforms, so not only will we have great designs but systems with huge processing power.”

Built on award-winning ‘Zen’ core architecture, AMD’s Ryzen™ processors including Ryzen™ Threadripper™ platforms have generated huge excitement in recent months in giving PC enthusiasts and modders more performance for their PCs than ever before.

"The overwhelmingly positive response and excitement built-up around AMD Ryzen processors has been incredible to watch from last year, and we are not stopping. AMD is committed to delivering a multi-generational roadmap of leadership high-performance processors that will drive innovation and competition into the industry," said Travis Kirsch, director, client computing, AMD. "We are thrilled to participate in the Case Mod World Series 2018, supporting the modders around the world with the most creativity and the craftsmanship to transform AMD Ryzen powered case mods."

Currently there are over 200+ projects entered by the world’s top modders. With AMD and ViewSonic awards being added, the deadlines have been extended until July 15, 2018.

Progress of the worklogs can be seen on the platform: and also on the Case Modders Database Facebook group:

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