Philips Korea Launches 'Sonicare DiamondClean Smart'

Published : Thursday, May 24, 2018, 7:36 am
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Philips Korea held a press conference at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of January 16th, 2018.

The press conference was organized to inform the launch of ‘DiamondClean Smart’, a new product of Sonicare, an electric toothbrushes brand of Philips, and to introduce the features of the product. The officials, including Vice President Seo Hong-pyo of Philips Korea Personal Health Business Department, Global Director Dr. Maha Yakob of Philips Oral Healthcare, attended the event.

Vice President Seo Hong-pyo said, “The next most common illness after a recent cold is periodontitis. Periodontitis is not just a dental disease, but it is also linked to many other diseases, and if you can prevent periodontitis properly, you can escape from threats of many diseases. Philips Sonicare is a new product that combines the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, to help correct bad brushing habits. We hope that the efforts of Philips Sonicare to inform you about the importance of proper brushing habits will become well known, and I would like to ask for your attention.”

▲ Philips Korea’s 'Sonicare DiamondClean Smart' launching press conference was held.

▲ Vice President Seo Hong-pyo said, “We hope that the efforts of Philips Sonicare to inform you about the importance of proper brushing habits will become well known.”

According to the announcement, 'DiamondClean Smart' is a smart toothbrush that is linked to the Sonicare app via Bluetooth. It also keeps track of brushing habits with connected and sensor technology, and informs the user about a proper brushing habit.

A location sensor, scrubbing sensor, and pressure sensor of 'DiamondClean Smart' reconstruct the inside of mouth into a 3D map to monitor movement of the toothbrush, location and pressure to analyze brushing habits, and inform excessive pressure that causes tooth wear and damage during brushing through the LED and vibration of pressure-sensitive sensor ring located at the bottom of the main unit. In particular, the location sensor divides the oral cavity into 12 sections and minutely tracks the position of the toothbrush.

The smart bristle that comes with the body consists of Premium Plaque Defense, Premium White, Premium Gum Care, and Tongue Cleaner+, each with RFID.

'DiamondClean Smart' has 5 cleaning modes, general cleaning, white+, deep clean+, gum care, and tongue clean, and 3 levels of strength adjustment. The optimum mode and the intensity are automatically set by recognizing RFID of the equipping bristle. It also analyzes the period of use of the bristles and the applied pressure, and informs the user of the appropriate replacement time at the bottom of the main unit and the app.

'Diamond Clean Smart' is available for three weeks when fully charged, and it is provided with a wireless charging cup that is automatically charged when the toothbrush body is lifted, and a carrying case with a USB cable charger. The color of the product is black, white, and pink. The price is set at 435,000 won.

▲ This product is a smart toothbrush that is linked with the management app via Bluetooth.

At the event, Dr. Maha Yakob announced the results of a clinical trial conducted to check the effectiveness of Sonicare products in preventing periodontal disease. The experiment was conducted to measure the effects of Philips Sonicare 'DiamondClean' products and general manual toothbrushes on gingivitis, gum bleeding, and surface plaque when used for four weeks at home.

In this study comparing the gingivitis reduction and plaque removal of Philips Sonicare 'DiamondClean' products and general manual toothbrushes, 141 healthy adults (average age 42.1 years) aged 18 to 70 years were randomized, parallel designed, and single blind studied. The subjects of the clinical study were divided into two groups, each given with ‘DiamondClean’ products or general manual toothbrushes to brush their teeth twice a day.

As a result, compared to 4 weeks ago, the users of conventional manual toothbrushes showed a reduction of gingivitis by 19.1%, gingival bleeding by 31.4% and plaque by 8.0%, while DiamondClean product users reported reduction of gingivitis by 25.5%, gum bleeding by 57.4%, plaque by 34.9%, respectively.

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