The World's Best Job, World Life Experience, Will Continue Making a Positive Social Impact in 2019

Published : Monday, June 4, 2018, 2:00 pm
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LISBON, Portugal, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The first edition of World Life Experience, which began in January 2018, is developing a world trip with the mission of promoting responsibility and social sustainability.

The group of eleven people of different nationalities participating in this international journey are developing their awareness of the social and cultural diversity of the World.

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Through voluntary work in local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the project fosters fundamental social values. At the same time, and associated with numerous touristic experiences, with expenses paid and a monthly salary (EUR2,500), travel becomes the best job in the world.

The group volunteered with fourteen NGOs from European and Asian cities, working for relevant causes: living with needy populations, helping children at risk, helping refugees, and collaborating on reconstruction and environmental preservation projects. The next destinations will be in Latin America and the trip will end in November.

For Hugo Pinon, one of the eleven participants of the first edition: "This trip is incredible. We have been to several European countries and Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. We will also be going to the American continent and I look forward to continuing to collaborate in the social transformation of the communities we will meet."

The World Life Experience has until July 20, 2018, opened applications for the 2nd edition. Those interested in traveling to twenty destinations in the world, learning about different societies and cultures, developing social work in NGOs, having expenses paid for one year (travel, transport, food, insurance, housing) and still receiving a monthly salary, should apply at

Arianny Orellanes, a participant in the first edition, living in Florida before starting this world trip, says: "This is the best job in the world, I am traveling in a socially sustainable way. Interacting with diverse societies and cultures, with whom I work. At the same time, I have intimate hands-on experiences and get to associate with enthusiastic people."

The twenty international destinations are located in five continents - Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The stay in each city will be two weeks: six days to explore each destination, six days for volunteer work in NGOs and three days of rest.


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