Dori Sakurada’s Debut Single ‘MIRAI’ Is Now Available to Stream! From 7:00pm Today

Published : Friday, May 12, 2023, 11:36 pm
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Today, Dori Sakurada has released his debut single ‘MIRAI’ to music streaming services. Dori himself lent his talents to the writing of the lyrics for the track, which gives the listener a sense of his determination to face the future without fear of change.

In addition, the music video for ‘MIRAI’ will be uploaded to YouTube Premium today, May 12th, at 7:00pm. In advance of the release of the full video to YouTube Premium, a teaser clip has been posted to the official Dori Sakurada YouTube channel.

On the day of the release, Dori will be going live on Instagram Live at around 6:45pm, just before the video drops. We hope that you will look forward to the video reveal and imagine what it might look like while perusing newly released photos of Dori and examining the worldview present in the song’s lyrics.

■‘MIRAI’ music video – Released on YouTube Premium at 7:00pm on May 12th

■Instagram Live appearance to celebrate the release of the music video
From 6:45 pm on Dori Sakurada’s official Instagram account (@dorisakurada)
※Subject to change based on circumstances on the day.

■Song information
Friday May 12th, 2023 - Debut Single ‘MIRAI’
Links to streaming services:

In 2005, Dori Sakurada made his screen debut in the TV drama ‘Ruri’s Island’.
Ever since he was chosen to play the role of protagonist Ryoma Echizen in the musical version of ‘The Prince of Tennis’ (from 2006-2007) he has appeared in a wide variety of popular works. In recent times he has appeared in the TV series ‘Coffee and Vanilla’ and leveraging the global popularity of the Netflix series ‘Alice in Borderlands’ he has begun to adopt a global perspective in his work.

Dori also appears in ‘Play it Cool, Guys’, currently being broadcast on TV Tokyo, and ‘We’re Broke, My Lord’, which will be released in theatres on June 23rd, in which he takes on his first role in a feature length period film, showing himself to be an actor who continues to expand his range.
Since making his on-screen debut in his teens, in addition to honing his craft in a wide variety of televised dramas and movies, the influence exerted by him on social media has been highly praised in fashion circles, gaining massive support from famous fashion houses, a diverse range of creatives and trendy, fashion-forward young people.

Through his wide-ranging projects, Sakurada Dori is an artist who has adopted a determined approach to share his thoughts and feelings with as wide an audience as possible. He makes his major label debut on May 12th, 2023, with ‘MIRAI’, released on ‘early Reflection’s new label ‘Pandrec’, operated by PONY CANYON INC.

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