BenQ Korea Hosted Demonstration of W1700 4K UHD HDR CineHome Projector

Published : Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 7:33 am
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On January 18, 2018, BenQ Korea held a demonstration introducing the performance of its products to media, partners and bloggers ahead of the launch of the W1700, a cinehome beam projector that supports 4K UHD resolution and HDR.

The event at Guro Best Western Premier Hotel, Seoul, was attended by So Yoon-seok, branch manager of BenQ Korea, Ericsson Huang, senior manager of BenQ Projector Product Development Team, Dumas Chen, Director of BenQ Asia Pacific Business, and Director Choi Ik-hwan, a professor of Film Arts major at Soongsil University.

▲ BenQ introduced the 'W1700' model to Korea under the banner of distributing 4K projector.

Participants were presented with a description of the 4K HDR projector implementation, a welcome speech on the importance of accurate color representation intended by the film director, an introduction and demonstration of the W1700 product, and a Q & A session.

So Yoon-seok, Branch Manager of BenQ Korea stated his feelings. “The W1700 extends digital cinema technology of BenQ to the 4K UHD area. Now, it became possible to easily enjoy the magnificent screen like the theater at home with 4K UHD resolution.”

In particular, at this day's demonstration, Ericsson Huang, senior manager of BenQ, emphasized color matching technology that translates HDR contents to be optimized to projection method and the ability to adapt to various conditions changes such as image size, gain value of screen, and brightness decrease of lamp for implementing outstanding HDR screen at the display with projection method. He said, “BenQ has been researching technology that implements better HDR screen on a projector than other companies for a long time and adopts unique technology such as auto color rendering technology and HDR film optimization technology to realize a more natural HDR screen.”

▲ So Yoon-seok, Branch Manager of BenQ Korea delivered a welcoming speech.

▲ Director Choi Ik-hwan, a professor of Film Arts major at Soongsil University, commented on the device as a producer.

▲ Ericsson Huang, Senior Manager of BenQ explained about technological contents about the device.

Introduced at this demonstration, BenQ's W1700 uses a 0.47-inch single DMD chipset and enhanced XPR technology to make it smaller and slimmer than traditional 4K UHD projectors. The optical system optimized for 4K resolution and implements clear images with minimizes chromatic aberration. In addition, it supports HDR (HDR10) to reproduce the brightness and contrast ratio of the image to the same level as the actual image, and it is possible to play various types of 3D contents with 3D function.

The W1700 supports dual RGB color wheels and unique CinematicColor technology to express more accurate and vivid colors. Its light weight of 4.2kg and slim design increase the installation convenience. The automatic vertical keystone and 1.2x zoom reduced spatial constraints. Currently, it is optimized for watching movies. If technology development becomes more innovative, 4K devices will be available as full HD standard products such as 'game mode'.

▲ The W1700 model is a projector that has been positioned as a leading edge of 4K popularization beyond the medium and large base area.

BenQ's W1700 will be available in both domestic and offline shopping malls from mid-February, and its price is 1,990,000 won. Given that existing 4K projectors, including its high-end models, are priced between 3,000,000 won and 10,000,000 won, it is an aggressive pricing policy that lowers barriers to entry into 4K projectors.

Jo Jung-hwan, general manager of BenQ Korea Projector PM, said, “The W1700 is a low-cost product that delivers 4K UHD resolution with superior picture quality to more homes. With the W1700 as the starting point, BenQ will be able to take the lead in popularizing the 4K HDR era by bringing a highly productive and innovative product to market.”

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