Interview : ‘Kento’s’ CEO Akimasa Yasumodo, The First Affiliate of T.OS, "Strength that can be applied to all B2C transactions"

Published : Monday, June 25, 2018, 8:09 pm
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Claiming cryptocurrency with the actual transaction, T.OS held ‘T.OS Meetup 2018 in Seoul’ on the afternoon of June 19 at the Oakwood Premier COEX Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

At the event, T.OS introduced what process the development has been progressing and how it is going to become a service to Korea's stakeholders and investors. The officials from the exchange where T.OS will be listed and the first affiliate also visited Korea and showed the possibility of T.OS.

After the ceremony, Akimasa Yasumodo, CEO of Japan Live House Kento’s, which was selected as the first affiliate of T.OS, talked about the strengths of T.OS and the possibility of development from the manager’s point of view.

▲ CEO Akimasa Yasumodo of Kento’s, the first affiliate of T.OS

"Kento’s presents a 40-minute live show six times a day, and the entry and exit of customers are similar to this schedule. Because of this, the cashier gets crowded at a certain time, so I thought that T.OS would be a solution to the problem while I was thinking about a system that makes it easier for our customers to pay."

Akimasa Yasumodo of Kento’s Group, which has been running the live house since 2017 February, had been working on the billing system for the convenience of the customers. At the time, he became interested in payment system using cryptocurrency T.OS. In particular, he mentioned advantages of T.OS that it suppresses sudden price fluctuations through separate cryptocurrency (T.OSP) and fast payment speed when compared to other cryptocurrencies.

"Since Japan is one of the countries where the law on cryptocurrency is well-established, it can be fully used if the convenience of the payment system is complemented. Currently, large-sized retail stores have a system that enables settlement with bitcoin, but it has a technical problem that it takes 10 minutes. So I think T.OS’s fast transaction speed is competitive enough.“

In addition, Yasumodo, who said that 3.5% of Japanese credit card payment commission is a big burden for the operators, satisfied with cryptocurrency that needs minimal commission and decided to be an affiliate. He also added that T.OS’s payment mehod can be fully applied to all the businesses in the B2C field, not only restaurants like Kento’s.

▲ He pointed out fast transaction speed and inexpensive commission as the strengths of T.OS.

On the other hand, Yasumodo responded with surprise about the enthusiasm for T.OS in Korea he visited for the event. He also talked about the potential by saying, "I only heard that T.OS is getting a lot of popularity in Korea, but I was able to feel the enthusiasm through the event today. Thanks to that, I once again confirmed that my idea of introducing T.OS as a payment system was correct, and I thought I could make more opportunities for Korea.“

Lastly, he expressed his wish lists and hope that T.OS would successfully launch to the world. “I am looking forward to someday when tourists from Korea visit Kento’s, enjoy the performances, and simply make payment with T.OS without any burden of exchange.”

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