Porsche Korea Presents Season 3 of ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’

Published : Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 10:56 am
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced an open competition for the third season of 'Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space', a social contribution campaign held in cooperation with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (CEO Lee Chang-gi) under the Seoul Metropolitan Gov-ernment to expand opportunities for citizens to enjoy performing arts.

Marking its third year and started with addressing the hardship for artists caused by the necessary social distancing rules during COVID-19, ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’ is a public-private partnership program that represents the cultural art fields. It is part of the brand’s social contribution activities designed to support performing arts organizations and artists to enable them to continue with their creative activities.

Over the past two years, ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’ supported 77 performing arts organizations and 2,000 artists, revitalizing the performing arts field that had stagnated.

In conjunction with the lifted social distancing regulation, Porsche Korea plans to create a sustainable culture and art support system for small to medium sized performances. The ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’ Season 3 is scheduled to carry on its continuous support to protect the variety and diversity of small to medium scale art performances and to provide the accessibility to these cultural performances that play an important part in the social fabric of the society.
This year's program especially focuses on filling the polarizing gap to the bigger shows and tries to foster the creativity on a smaller local level to support the demand for art performances and the citizens’ experience in culture and arts.

The public contest is scheduled to be conducted until June 9th and is opened to performances in Seoul including plays, musicals, dance performances, music performances, traditional arts performances, and multidisciplinary works scheduled to perform from August 1st to October 31st of 2023. A total of 40 works will be selected and supported with 4 million KRW, respectively, with priority given to small-and-medium sized performances with 500 seats or less.

Porsche Korea CEO Holger Gerrmann stated, "‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’ was initiated to help the Korean cultural arts community over the past two years and with the continuation of the program for smaller art performances that are not yet in the spotlight of big audiences we want to ensure we keep the art diversity." He also added, "We believe that this creativity we see in the art world plays an important part in developing dreams and we hope our ‘Fill the Space’ project can further contribute to people to dream."

Artists who are interested in ‘Porsche Do Dream Fill the Space’ Season 3 can apply through the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture’s Seoul Cultural Arts Support System ( and find further information on the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture website (

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