Norwegian Seafood Council(NSC) ‘2018FY Press Conference in South Korea’

Published : Monday, July 16, 2018, 9:00 pm
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Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) held its 2018 annual press conference at the Seoul Plaza Hotel on the morning of July 12th.

At the conference, Gunvar Lenhard Wie, Managing Director of Korea and Japan at Norwegian Seafood Council, and Melissa Gotliebsen, Director of Korea at Norwegian Seafood Council attended and presented the trends and prospects of Korean seafood consumption, distinctiveness of Korean Seafood Council and the future of the market with the latest statistics from Norwegian Seafood Council.

▲ Gunvar Lenhard Wie, Managing Director of Korea and Japan at Norwegian Seafood Council

▲ Korea is the country with the highest number of per capita consumption of seafood, and its demand is still rising.

▲ According to the presentation, the Norwegian mackerel, which suits the Korean tastes, is caught in September and October.

▲ In Korea, mackerel, salmon, and king crab, which have strong demand, will be mainly promoted.

▲ Melissa Gotliebsen, Director of Korea at Norwegian Seafood Council

According to the data released by Norwegian Seafood Council, the average seafood consumption of Korean consumers recorded 58.4kg per capita, which is the highest among the world's major nations. The average global consumption is 20.2kg, while Norwegian and Japanese consumers consume 53.3kg and 50.2kg, respectively. What’s more, Korea's seafood consumption is expected to increase by 10% by 2025.

In addition to its intake, Korea's imports and domestic aquatic supplies also increased by about 17% from 2013 to 2017, with an increase of about 641,000 tons. According to statistics released by Norwegian Seafood Council, the imported seafood in Korea accounted for 32% of total supplies, with the largest number of exports coming from China followed by Russia, then Vietnam.

Norway exported a total of 2.6 million tons of marine products to 140 countries in the year. The market share of seafood in Norway is 1.4%, which is 62,916 tons. Among seafoods of Norway, the most important species that are exported to Korea are mackerel, salmon and king crab. To be specific, 38,993 tons of mackerel, 20,557 tons of salmon and 699 tons of king crab were exported from Norway to Korea last year.

According to a study by Norwegian Seafood Council, 82% of Korean consumers value the origin when purchasing seafood. Also, 18% of them said that their origin is “very important” when purchasing seafood. In particular, it is shown that Korean consumers have a strong sense of trust in Norwegian seafood.

▲ The two speakers actively promoted the image of Norwegian seafood in Korea.

Director Gunvar Lenhard Wie said, "Korean seafood market is in a very unique position, and it is a dynamic market leading the consumption of seafood. It is expected to grow by 10% by 2025.”

Director Melissa Gotliebsen said, "Norway is catching fishery resources through rigorous management of its aquatic resources. We will do best for achieving mutual growth by sharing our technology and data with Korean seafood organizations and companies.”

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