MINISO Won Four Prizes in The 2018 Red Dot Award Ceremony

Published : Saturday, July 21, 2018, 8:00 am
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ESSEN, Germany, July 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 9, the 2018 Red Dot Design Award ceremony was held at the Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany, which aroused worldwide attention. The event attracted well-known enterprises, brand owners, advertising agencies and design leaders from dozens of countries around the world, and the award-winning works will be exhibited in the Red Dot Museum. Four MINISO products won the Red Dot Award, including the Wave Book, CirXquare mini fan, U-fan and portable U-shape pillow.

With over 60 years of history, the Red Dot Design Award is called one of the three major design awards in the world with the German "iF award" and the American "IDEA award". The award has attracted over 60 countries and 10,000 entries every year through competitions on product design, communication design and design concepts. In the 2018 German Red Dot Design Award, many products in various fields such as automobile, household, electric appliance and communication technology are distinguished by excellent design.

MINISO focuses on consumer goods for daily use, which are remarkable in product design. The four award-winning products are: The Wave Book, CirXquare Mini Fan, U-Fan and portable U-shaped pillow. MINISO, whose products are simple and natural, with good-looking packaging and high quality, advocates the brand proposition of "returning to nature and restoring the essence of products". The four award-winning products are mainly designed for daily use, which are extremely common in daily life, while MINISO is good at creating a surprise through ordinary things. It presents each piece of quality product to consumers around the world through creative design and precision work.

The hardest part of good design is "subtraction" and the ability to combine requirements and ideas in subtle ways. The Wave Book, for example, has an undulating pattern on its cover that can both hold a pen on it and enhance the tactile experience. This notebook, which hit the shelves in MINISO stores in late June, was popular among a large number of young consumers.

The portable U-shape pillow has integrated the concept of "light travel", which is portable, comfortable and easy to store with its ergonomically design and soft packing with a memory function. Since its launch in October last year, the product has attracted many celebrities and web celebrity fans, becoming one of the must-have hot sale products.

In addition, the CirXquare mini fan and U-fan, which are also featured in different models, are expected to be officially sold in MINISO stores at the end of August this year, adding a bit of coolness to the hot summer.

The U-fan won the Red Dot Design Award
The U-fan won the Red Dot Design Award

With the upgrade to consumption and the populace's aesthetics, design is no longer just icing on the cake, but a necessity for the general public. Adhering to high-quality and low-cost principles, MINISO winning such international design awards also heralds that every consumer may have the opportunity to enjoy the happiness that design brings to life, which is also easily obtained without pressure.

Today, MINISO has brought its product concept and brand spirit to the world by opening more than 3,000 stores in over 70 countries and regions. In the future, it will continue to deliver better products to more consumers, so that they can enjoy the changes brought by design for the quality of life.

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