CRKD Begins Shipping of the Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch and OLED Switch Consoles

Published : Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 4:31 pm
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Embracer Freemode is excited to announce today the commencement of shipments for the Nitro™ Deck, the inaugural product from CRKD™, a new premium collectible gaming brand developed in-house by Embracer Freemode.

First unveiled during the IGN™ Summer of Gaming event, the Nitro Deck has quickly become a highly anticipated product among Switch™ gamers worldwide. The Nitro Deck promises to elevate handheld gaming with improved comfort, enhanced response time, and the inclusion of Hall sensor analog sticks, effectively eliminating stick drift. In addition, the Nitro Deck offers a range of customizable features designed to enhance every facet of gameplay.

Gamers can effortlessly slide their Switch screen into the Nitro Deck, instantly enhancing their handheld experience. Unlike the typical potentiometer analog sticks found in most controllers, the Hall sensor analog sticks provide unparalleled precision and accuracy during gameplay, eradicating stick drift for good. The Thumbstick Toppers, which can easily be swapped out, offer different designs and cater to gamers' preferences, ensuring the Nitro Deck maintains its fresh look and feel. Without the need for Bluetooth®, the Nitro Deck connects directly to the console via USB-C, delivering a reliable, low-latency connection. For competitive gamers, four additional re-mappable Back Buttons simplify complex commands, and gamers can assign Turbo functionality to any action button, making the Nitro Deck ideal for shooters.

The Nitro Deck features a plug-and-play USB-C input, allowing simultaneous charging of the Switch while gaming. In addition, the Nitro Deck also includes a USB-C output for straightforward connection to the Nintendo® Switch Dock or PC, enabling gamers to use the Nitro Deck as an external controller without the screen if desired.

CRKD places exclusivity and collectability at the heart of its brand experience. Collectors are invited to explore the 'True Collection System’, a complementary companion app available for both iOS™ and Android™. Through this app, gamers can tap their phone to their Nitro Deck to reveal its product number and associated rarity rank, enhancing the experience of collecting physical gaming products. App users can also access CRKD TV, a hub for all CRKD-related content, and browse the current offerings on the virtual aisles of the CRKD web store.

As the True Collection System evolves, the app is poised to become a thriving community for CRKD owners, with exciting additional features expected to be announced in due course.

The Nitro Deck is available in a range of variants, including the Limited-Edition Nostalgia Retro Purple, Retro Mint, and Classic Grey, each possessing a unique identity. These Limited-Edition Nitro Deck designs come complete with a premium Carry Case (with extra game storage), a 2.5-meter USB-C Charging Cable, and an additional set of Thumbstick Toppers. Alternatively, the Standard Edition Nitro Deck designs are offered in Black, White, and Grey, with the Carry Case available for purchase separately.

The Nitro Deck is available for purchase today across North America exclusively through, and begins shipping across the UK and EU from September 25th via and select retail partners.

For more information about CRKD and to order the Nitro Deck, please visit:

To watch the CRKD Nitro Deck Shipping Trailer, click here:

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