First Kavalan Peaty Cask Bottling Of 2018

Published : Wednesday, November 21, 2018, 9:54 am
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The second release in a new line of Asian whiskies from leading Japanese spirit retailer dekantā will be a Kavalan Solist Peaty Cask, the first ever bottled independently by a Japanese company and the only Kavalan Peaty Cask bottled independently by any company globally this year so far.

dekantā Oriental ‘Two’ Kavalan Solist Peaty Single Cask (54.8% ABV; 70cl; $399.99) is the second limited edition release in a new range of single cask whiskies from Asia, curated by online retailer dekantā, home of the world’s largest online selection of authentic Japanese spirits. Previously only available to buy at the Taiwanese distillery, peaty cask whiskies from Kavalan’s range have more recently been bottled exclusively for retailers around the globe. So far this year, no other retailers globally have bottled a Kavalan Peaty cask, making this release from dekantā an exceptionally rare edition for 2018.

This cask was hand selected at the Kavalan distillery by dekantā Asian whisky experts, alongside Kavalan master blender Ian Chang. Kavalan Solist Peaty consists of unpeated whisky that has spent time maturing in casks that have formerly been used to mature smoky, peated whisky. This imbues the spirit with a more gentle peaty flavour, which, when combined with Kavalan’s trademark tropical fruit notes, offers a unique whisky tasting experience.

This exclusive whisky comes hot on the tail of the first release in the dekantā Oriental range, ‘One’ Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Single Cask (57.8% ABV; 70cl; $399 RRP), launched at a high-profile event at Manhattan restaurant & bar, Fine & Rare in October. Both whiskies are exclusive single cask bottlings from award-winning Kavalan distillery in Taiwan, the latest of which breaks new ground for independently bottled Asian whiskies.

Each of the whiskies in the dekantā Oriental range is hand selected from acclaimed Asian distilleries, both leading and upcoming. Having long been a vocal champion of whisky, other spirits, and most recently, wine from Japan, dekantā now aims to showcase the craftsmanship of the very finest distilleries, wineries and artisan spirit producers from across Asia. “Japanese whiskies have cast a spotlight on a continent which is producing spirits to challenge the major players on the world stage,” said dekantā director Makiyo Masa. “We’re thrilled to continue working with Kavalan, one of Asian whisky’s rising stars, for the second release in this exciting new range of whiskies.”

dekantā Oriental ‘Two’ Kavalan Solist Peaty Single Cask are available for worldwide delivery from only 116 bottles are available.

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