[G-Star 2018] Netmarble Games Targeted Global with Its Masterpiece Line up

Published : Thursday, December 6, 2018, 1:38 am
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‘G-Star 2018 (The Game Show and Trade, All Round 2018)’, an international game exhibition hosted by Korea Association of Game Industry (K-GAMES) and co-hosted by the G-Star Organizing Committee and Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency, was held on November 15 at BEXCO located in Haeundae-gu, Busan.

Netmarble Games, participated in 'G-Star 2018', set up more than 260 showcases optimized for mobile games in the BTC exhibition hall and introduced 4 mobile games including ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’, ‘Seven Knights 2’, ‘The King of Fighters All Star’, and ‘A3: STILL ALIVE’.

'Blade & Soul Revolution', based on the IP of 'Blade & Soul', is a reinterpretation of the sensibility of original works such as cinematic directing and story, gorgeous graphic, martial arts, and actions reminiscent of a war game. It provides differentiated fun such as large-scale open-field competition and community. In 'G-Star 2018', new contents including character customization, PvP system, power conflicts, and strategic elements of the war were revealed.

'Seven Knights 2', which is a mobile MMORPG based on IP of 'Seven Knights', features gameplay that collects various heroes and performs group battles unlike traditional MMORPGs, which focus on one hero. The demonstration version in 'G-Star 2018' showed the world of ‘Seven Knights 2’, which was born as a mobile MMORPG, and introduced the third story, 'Melissa's whereabouts' at the same time so that visitors could experience 4-player boss raid that attacks a giant boss ‘Giganteus’.

▲ Various events were held at the BTC exhibition hall of Netmarble through large LED screen and open stage.

▲ There was a space for visitors to demonstrate the games.

'The King of Fighters All Star' features all the characters and game elements of the previous series, ranging from 'KOF 94’, the first franchise game to 'KOF XIV', the latest one. Users can experience the combination of character-specific skills and combos through connections among 3 characters in mobile environment. The demo version in 'G-Star 2018' allowed visitors to experience the system and combat style of the game.

'A3: STILL ALIVE' is a battle royal MMORPG based on the IP of 'A3'. Its core contents are ‘Strategic Deathmatch’ that uses the strategy and control and fights to the last man, and ‘Free PK in All Areas’ that can enjoy indiscriminative PK with the whole server users in time. The demo version in ‘G-Star 2018’ showed ‘Dark Appearance’ content that allows free PK in all regions when the dark comes, and mercenary system including tanker, dealer, and healer, which shows the complete summoner of ‘A3: STILL ALIVE’. In addition, with a famous BJ as well as the developer, a survival combat ’30-player Battle Royal’ was held at the stage.

As a stage event, 'Virtual Live Talk Show', Netmarble Games' first attempt at G-Star, was held. ‘Virtual Live Character’, which is a technology that allows 3D or 2D characters to look and behave naturally through modeling data, real-time motion capture and facial recognition technology, was used for the live talk show where a heroine ‘Len’ from ‘Seven Knights 2’ appears as a virtual live character to host the show. In addition, 'Len' appeared on the big screen installed at the Netmarble booth, introduced 'Seven Knights 2', and performed simple quizzes and mini games with the audience.

What’s more, Netmarble provided a variety of events for the audience and offered a number of activities during 'G-Star 2018', including live broadcasts of the Influencers, ‘King OPPA Show(The King of Fighters Show)’, ‘2vs2 PvP Pro-gamer Invitation Show’, and ‘Large-scale Open Field War’.

On top of that, Netmarble Games revealed participants' G-star mode play records and provided the opportunity to participate in the stage event 'Time Attack Competition' to the top 5 ranked players.

▲ Visitors demonstrated 'A3: STILL ALIVE' revealed for the first time in ‘G-Star 2018’.

▲ At the event, the game was relayed in real time.

▲ Character cosplay of 'Seven Knights 2' was held at the venue.

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