Porsche Korea Opens 'Porsche Dream Playground 2023' at Two Schools

Published : Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 11:23 am
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Porsche Korea (CEO Holger Gerrmann) announced the opening of ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ at two additional schools. This year, Porsche Korea donated 160 million KRW to the two schools, reaching 14 total Porsche Dream Playgrounds across the country.

The ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ is a key project of the ‘Porsche Do Dream’ CSR campaign, a program held with ChildFund Korea, that constructs indoor gymnasiums so that students can enhance creativity by engaging in various physical activities.

The spatial design for the Dream Playground is based on the ideas generated in workshops with children and teachers, emphasizing the core value of sustainability, which is a key part of Porsche. Upcycled items made from recycled materials such as plastic waste were used in the process.

The Dream Playground at Sinmoc Elementary School in Seoul has a total floor area of 126㎡ (approx. 38pyeong), large enough for teachers and the student body. Deviating away from typical and standardized playground facilities, students can make up new games with their own items using their creativity. The floor design allows students to engage in various sports such as dodgeball, badminton, and other ball games.

A very special idea was to use on-campus discarded plastics to create a basketball hoop and jump ropes through a 3D printer, and a modular sofa made of recycled plastic fabrics, allowing children to directly see the value of resource circulation.

The Dream Playground at the Kindergarten of Cheongdeok Elementary School in Seoul has a multi-gym constructed with a cylindrical slide, climbing hill, trampoline, and lookout tower to encourage physical activities. A double-story play area, designed to overcome the constraints of a narrow space, helps with the major muscle development of children aged 3-7. Classes using the Dream Playground are included in the timetable, and classes including family activities will also be held.

Furthermore, Porsche Korea highlighted its commitment towards environmental friendliness by placing a storage box for upcycling blocks that can replace about 1.2kg of plastic waste per piece, and softballs made of recycled plastic materials.

Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea, said, "Porsche Korea has been continuously working to promote the health and happiness of children with their infinite potential through the Porsche Dream Playground, now in its sixth year." He also added, "We hope that more children will explore and nurture their 'dreams' and 'creativity' by playing freely in the Porsche Dream Playgrounds, which are built based on the ideas of children and teachers."

Since launching 'Porsche Do Dream' in 2017, Porsche Korea has been continuing its CSR activities reflecting the brand's values of 'dream' and 'passion'. Porsche Korea has donated a total of 5.88 billion KRW through the 'Do Dream' campaign.

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